Phase 8 and the grand finale of my campaign for Buhari-Osinbajo’s winning team.

Nigerians beware; the Prodigal first citizen of Nigeria has plans to rig the election. His lieutenants of woe are on standby but they will not succeed. Jonathan has sent orders as ‘oga’ from the top to all Nigeria embassies worldwide to deny journalists VISA entry to impede them from exposing killing and rigging of February 14, 2015 election.  No matter what, we will use social media….and get election coverage right. APC will win and cure lots of headaches.

Jonathan; why can’t you borrow leafs from; Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh, Muammar Gaddafi of Lybia , Saddam Hussein of Iraq who exterminated his people, committed ethnic and sectarian genocide. Jonathan, have you not been planning to do the same if Nigerians refuse to vote for you on February 14, 2015? Edumare koni fune se. Adolf Hitler of Germany, Joseph Stalin of USSR, Mao Zedon of China, Bashar L-Asad of Syria, Kim Jong-il of North Korea, King Herod of Isreal, Vlad 111 the Impaler of Wallachia who killed anyone who dare did anything to slightly offend him. Jonathan, what do you intend to do to Nigerians who dare not to vote for you on February 14, 2015? What about Pol Pot of Cambodia and Blaise Compaore of Burkina Faso who flee from the mob? Ebele, Mr. clueless PhD holder, must you fall shamefully like these failed world leaders? APC will win and cure lots of headaches.

 I am going to articulate APC political party’s campaign in a way that no other supporters had previously been able to. Phases1-7 of my most arguable campaign has been contributing to what is giving APC a huge boost that will carry Buhari-Osinbajo’s winning team through February campaign. I am aware that Buhari-Osinbajo’s winning team has been campaigning tirelessly stressing on how they will bring needed change to Nigerians while PDP are busy planning how they will truncate the electoral process and use the military and police to kill their citizens by rigging the election. Jonathan and PDP, why are you so hell bent to rescind “Inalienable” rights of we, the people of Nigeria in the polls of February 14, 2015? Are you God? Be warned; do not step on the feet of course of justice. Stop weathering the storm, no matter what, you and your cronies will fail woefully by 90% against 5%. The blood of the few innocent and poor shall hunt you for eternity should you carry out genocide on Election Day. APC will win and cure lots of headaches


Let me cut the chase and go straight into matters at hand. Buhari-Osinbajo’s winning team is well respected, selfless, and visionary and has versatile international support. The team also has overwhelming support base of other highly respected Nigeria sons and daughters with excellent reputable records in the country and beyond. APC will win and cure lots of headaches

So far, Buhari-Osinbajo’s  APC winning team  as  genuinely and sincerely reached out to our corporate, traditional rulers, leaders, organizations, sons and daughters of our unique Nigeria for election support,  progress and unity both at home and abroad. The party’s reach out endeavor is to update Nigerians knowledge towards its conscious and unparalleled manifesto ideas to strengthening the infrastructures, agriculture, education, electricity, economy and cultural entities of our nation’s social values. Buhari-Osinbajo’s- winning team will revamp and implement APC’s agenda mostly thorough formal teaching, learning processes in high schools and colleges. They will encourage Nigeria brain drains in the diaspora to come back home.  APC will win and cure lots of headaches

Buhari-Osinbajo’s winning team will bring back the lost cultural values of the Nation that was part of the beginning of civilization and thus repositioning and reenergizing the historical values to meet the test of the century for the need of children born and yet unborn. APC will win and cure lots of headaches

Buhari-Osinbajo’s winning team will respect and allow the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary arms of the government to function civilly. Of course, the general public must lend their full support to their government for success. They will use their genuine love of the nation to primarily aid Nigeria in establishing all round relevant activities which will stimulate positive mindset and training/ development of our children and to create jobs through self-employment, for mostly the widows and disables that have been neglected in our society by PDP political party. These tasks will not happen in one day, or a year. Nigerians must learn to be patient and allow them to tackle one problem after the other when voted in and have the mandate to rule.  APC will win and cure lots of headaches

Buhari-Osinbajo’s winning team will therefore work without bitterness and facilitate unity in diversity of our race collectively. I remembered vividly that when I was growing up, my family and Hausa family was one. We ate, dined and slept together in harmony. We did not witness any separation between Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba or have ideas of religion segregations. Even during Biafra war, my Late father, Chief Babafemi Oladele  Mayungbe, (RIP daddy), went into the heart of war only to bring back home the family of one commissioner of police, Mr. Odili in his warned out  car.  We did not know any difference but were scared to death about the dangerous humanitarian move of our father. How, when and what was the genesis of racial hate and religious terror? APC will win and cure lots of headaches.

I implore Buhari-Osinbajo’s winning team to intensify researches concerning the race and above all, to show gratitude to all leaders past and presence that meant well in our history for keeping the pride of Nigeria in every aspect of our lives when they win election and take leadership baton. Papa Enahoro went to the abstract world in the cold hands of Jonathan without state burial. I wept. This was the political legend that the British infidels jailed for agitating for Nigeria independence in the 50‘s.  APC will win and cure lots of headaches.  

Buhari-Osibajo’s winning team will assist our scattered race, sons and daughters abroad to be society adjusted at home in pursuit of their  ‘VISIBLE POSITIVE CHALLENGES’.  They will bridge the gap in distance and narrowness in characters of many illustrious sons and daughters to show gratitude; in togetherness we stand in promoting their envisaged corporate objectives, mission and vision, to possible means that will justify the end. APC will win and cure lots of headaches.

Buhari-Osinbajo’s winning team will however, curtail the distance in barriers and unity of purpose that distanced Nigerians all over the world  from each other with effective use of intra and extra communications of modern technology at the disposal of the government. “The Social Media Networks” They will also make readily available free Wi-Fi for closeness of citizens to the government and constructive valuable education through use of modern technology without leaving rural areas out.. Our society lacks capital to do these things but will make use of them if available. My fellow Nigerians, are we enjoying the good, the bad and the ugly of this campaign through the use of array of social media networks? APC will win and cure lots of headaches.

My fellow Nigerians home and abroad I am seizing this opportunity to crave your indulgence in encouraging yourselves, youths, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and many more to  do everything possible in getting out  in millions to vote the evil that men do out of our office come February 14, 2015 and elect Buhari-Osinbajo’s winning team as our next President and Vice President. Keep hope alive! APC will win and cure lots of headaches.

God bless you and may Allah bless Nigeria. Edumare a da’abo re bo orile ede Naijiriya. End of my series of campaign messages. Please join me on tweeter @olumayungbe and my campaign media manager Otunba Julius Olusegun Adeeko of (Rhode Island)  @otunbaadeeko

Written by Asiwaju Olu Mayungbe Founder & Chairman, TOBOB Enterprises Group Inc. USA ( is a subsidiary firm that was establish by him in 1990)

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