This situation culminated in the 31st minute. Kane fell to FIFA Coins the restricted area, the referee decisively point penalty. The scolding of the fans on the scene reached its peak until the referee stopped retiring offside until he was reminded by the tribunal. The second half did not improve the situation, the referee first blocked Deng Beilei cross the ball, but also turned the ball within the restricted area of ??Soloth turned a blind eye. Home team fans shouting whistle sound Saill Hurst Park Stadium, the uniform "we need VAR" slogan resounded through the sky.

Perhaps to balance the home team, the first 75 minutes, the referee ignores Ali within the restricted area two fell to the ground, at least one of which is more obvious foul. The home team fans continued the entire verbal abuse has finally become a round of applause, ali wrestling also reached the top. Regardless of the result aside, the level of the Premier League really can not match the reputation of the world's first league. Perhaps fastest in the next season, we can see the VAR in the Premiership.

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