We arrived ENUGU-OTU around 2pm yesterday and met all the houses at lower Iyieri, most parts of Enugu Ndida quarters, entire Uno Igbe area, part of Okpa Agba area were totally under water. The entire inhabitants of these areas mentioned, their farmlands which are at the lower level has been overwhelmed by the flood, the people lament of shortage of food supplies, drinkable water and drugs.

Notwithstanding this, their entire year hope for the year has been destroyed by the flood. Most of the farm produce they gathered are not ripe for harvest and they have no option than to gather the little they can.

After taking the inventory of the damages and the humanitarian situation with interviews with some villagers the team proceed to Mkpunando. The flood is almost at AmaOkpu, IyiAjiyi side and all its environs. The people of Mkpunando appealed to the team to beg the govt to intervene and as well ensure that credible people with integrity are assigned to take charge of distribution of relief materials if there would be any because they understood that people do come to take photos, videos and reports of their predicament only to gather money from the govt and international communities and the money will not get to the real victims of the flood disaster.

From Mkpunando we came down to Aguleri Uno and to our amazement the entire UmuUdenze quarters of Aguleri Uno has been entirely swallowed by the water. All the farmlands across the OMABALA RIVER, the farmlands across the Ezu River has been totally submerged by flood with the farmers gathering so little or nothing out of the their hoped yearly income.

The story of the flood at Eziagulu Otu is worse as 75% of the town has been overtaken by the flood. The entire Obodo Ovu, Garage Eziagulu Otu, National Primary School, Nwanneka Primary School, St Mary's Catholic Church Eziagulu Otu, and the only secondary school in the area has been submerged by the flood too. This is to say that pupils and students from Eziagulu would not be attending to school now until the flood subsides.

While taking video record of houses damaged by the flood one woman was so bittered by their sad past experience. She retorted; you have come to take our photos, our videos and at the end we never see or hear of any help govt. The woman lament that it is high time Governor Willie Obiano call President Muhammed Buhari or his Vice Yemi Osinbajo to come and witness firsthand information of what Ndi Aguleri Otu are passing through.

Another old man with his wife whom I asked where are they headed. He stated that they have no other place to run to since they were born and brought up in Eziagulu Otu. He said that the govt should not be about relocating them instead it should concern itself with finding the cause of this flood that started since 2012 and has now become a yearly phenomenal disaster and stopping it permanently.

As it stands now, if the flood keep rising the entire community community that gathered at a small portion of the town will face relocation challenges and the earlier the govt make necessary arrangements for IDP Camps, foods, and water the better.

Apart from this, what is the govt doing compensate those that passed through this loss of their entire agricultural produce to this carelessly managed flood disaster. A NEMA official who pledged anonymity claimed that the NEMA crisis prevention department has advised that FG should dredge the River Niger as doing that is the best solution to this annual flood disaster that have led to loss of lives and means of livelihood.

The people of ENUGU-OTU, MKPUNANDO, AGULERI UNO and EZIAGULU OTU are thereby sending SOS to the govt of Anambra State under the leadership of Chief Willie Obiano Akpokuedike Global, the Federal Government of President Muhammed Buhari to come to their rescue as urgent as possible.

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