Payment infrastructure providers in Africa

Payment infrastructure providers in Africa

Fincra is a payment infrastructure provider, building anything that requires sending and receiving money across borders without restrictions.

Payments infrastructure is the network of systems that allows everyone in the ecosystem-from individuals to corporations and financial actors- to exchange payments. Fintech companies in Africa have disrupted the landscape with their innovative and evolving products to improve this network of systems from what existed before. Unlike the developed countries where banking infrastructure is more advanced, Africa's payment infrastructure remains less advanced, constraining both public and private economic transactions.

In simple terms, you can look at it as public infrastructure like roads, railways, hospitals etc., whose advancements are often driven by the public sector-governments- to improve the quality of life. Unlike public infrastructure, however, governments in Africa are not equipped to develop solutions for advancement in payment infrastructure, hence the emergence of private sector-driven fintech companies.

Business fit

Fincra's reliable payments solution is a suitable match for several types of businesses-global businesses, travel agencies and hospitality businesses, fintechs, digital banks etc.

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