Is there a path to simple life in Nigeria? I found it hard to live simple. I refused to watch TV or buy a car. But when i bought my bicycle i found out it can only take me so far and our buses dont have room to transport my bike when i am tired from riding it. Plus we hardly have side walks in our country. On TV, my friends have complained about coming to my house with no TV to watch. But i told them i need their undivided attention when they come over. I have moved from Lagos to Osun state to see if i can actual live a simple life with no car noises, and can ride by bike and have a clean drinking water. The amount of carbon in the atmosphere will make you want to do physical everyday.  Living in Osun is been very difficult, 'cos making a living there is like close to zero. unless you are a  farmer, civil servant or politicians. But I enjoy the quietness, organic food and nature.

To me life should not be complicated because of material things . Simple life that is all i ask for.

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