Path of Exile share 3.10.1d patch notes

Grinding Gear Games has shared the patch notes for Path of Exile patch 3.10.1d. But don't worry, the rules for using POE Currency in the game have not changed, and you can also buy it at IGGM, so you will have a better game experience.

The patch will be available as early as today, and it contains bug fixes and performance improvements. Delirium has many improvements, including:

You can now use Pure Guile and Pure Aptitude on Aura Cluster Jewels.
Fixed a bug that caused Bloodscent Cluster Jewel to not work properly when combined with Passive Support.
Fixed an error where immortal summons were not considered non-Walt Guard skills due to passive veteran consciousness cluster jewelry trapezoid gemstone passive.
Fixed a bug that resulted in turning over to the mayor, endless darkness, loyalty prices and the chosen divination cards could not properly challenge the "Turn in Divition Cards".
Fixed phobia, which sometimes got stuck in the terrain after using the Leap Strike ability.
Fixed the Kosis bug. If you use K Revelation while using it, the Beam skill of the Revelation skill may temporarily stop rendering.
Fixed a bug where the target of betrayal intervention sometimes became untargetable when encountering delusions.
Fixed a bug that could not kill Legion monsters with Avenger Stalker modifier.
Fixed a bug where the furious hound in Delirium encounters might sometimes not be the target.
Fixed a bug that caused monsters that appeared on top of cooked monsters to inherit the attack power and cast speed bonus of cooked monster mist when the cooked monster splits.
Fixed a bug where the various effects of the delusion sometimes hover indefinitely

Other notable items include performance improvements, skill improvements, Sirius improvements, Metamorph improvements, project filters, micro-transaction improvements, crash fixes, etc. If you want to know the complete game patch or want to Buy POE Items, you can trade at IGGM.

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