In June 2019, Path of Exile had a new massive update of 3.70, and the player witnessed a long patch description for the game. The new Legion Challenge League and melee overhaul have brought huge updates. The game extends to everything, developers have never thought that this project will be such a massive project, but now players have admitted that it exceeded their expectations. The developer Grinding Gear Games planned for nearly 20 years, so they will continue to update and add new features in the future, but in version 3.70, developers focus on the Legion Challenge and melee overhaul. These updated new versions will require PoE currency.

Some of the visible changes brought about by the update are that from now on, players can visit the frozen battlefield where they encounter the frozen army and defeat them, defeating them will result in huge trophies or POE Currency rewards. In previous versions of "Path of Exile," the game only selected one target for attack, but by default, you can now attack multiple destinations after this update.

Enemies with shields will not be able to evade player attacks because the player's accuracy will no longer exceed 95%. The damage to the enemy is affirmative. This update brings animation improvements that make it smoother and improves the results of increased player interest, as attacks from now on will naturally be better than before. The enemy will deal with damage in the 120-degree arc, not just the player.

To avoid this offensive player, you must take a surprise approach. With proper exercise or skill before being hit, the player can fight back because the enemy's attack speed is slower. Improvements have also been made in feedback, which helps players understand who strikes or hits. In the particular case of the old monster, the attack signal has also been improved. Developers have improved the experience of small users by implementing the "as you want" approach. Improvements have been made to train target users, so the results are natural.

Another huge addition to the game would be the new jewelry feature. The set contains many new gems that players will use to insert unique POE Exalted Orb in their passive skill trees. These jewels possess a large radius effect area that contributes to attributes that fall inside range. With the unique treasures from the player's passive skills, the tree player will discover 15 new cornerstones from the passive skill tree.

It could be the most significant update for everyone players, including challenging league players and non-challenge league players. The developer's Grinding Gear Games is experimenting with different systems of Path of Exile. For example, magic-based combat can be a Path of Exile system that recently turned its awareness of melee. Not only that, though the update includes a variety of extra features and content.

Developers have made the first three battles powerful, making them more responsive and adding to the early gaming experience. The queue function is introduced in the skill, which means that the player can switch to the strength of the queue immediately after completing the first one. The resolution has also been improved, and changing the size of the role will no longer lead to lag, and things will go smoothly. Game performance is improved by focusing on high visual effects.

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