Path of Exile - New skill: Blast of Blades

2.4.2 update for that action / RPG Path of Exile, which supported three potentially profitable new skills, just across the corner is going to be released. And developers have told players about the mechanics of "Searing Beam". Today, therefore, they chose to share information with respect to the skill "Rush Blade" .

While maintaining the "Blade Rush" produces shadows, cuts the enemies till you, causing damage across the area. Every razrubaniem chance to select the target towards the look of your character within the priority - Middle goals, which continues to have not suffered damage.

If the target is only one, the capacity to Buy POE Currency hit the marked a few times, and so the "Rush Blade" is quite useful in battles with all the bosses. The chance to be useful from the destruction of monsters clusters, as each hit causes problems for enemies inside a circle.

In skill 6 stages, with each strike skill proceeds to a higher step. "Rush Blade" causes 20% more damage in each step. At the realization maintaining skills, it causes extra strokes for the reason that shadows time for the character.

You can adjust direction while keeping the skills, however, these additional blows don't turn to you, they're going to remain inside same place, slightly enhancing the affected area.

Ability is supported, the rate of shadows 50% higher than the smoothness's attack speed, so quick weapons can rapidly move to the Cheap POE Orbs sixth phase. Termination of maintaining skills inside the 6 stage gives you the most damage as a result of recurring shocks, plus the hero can transform their situation.

Ability to use daggers, one-handed swords and claws. This skill 28 for Bandit, that may be obtained as a reward to the quest "Cutting off his right hand."

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