Party Dress: How to choose the perfect model?

As soon as we get a wedding invitation, the first thing that comes to mind is "What clothes do I go with?" Of course, the last thing they want is to get more attention than the bride; but we don't want to do ugly in front of everybody either, do we? So choosing an ideal party dress ends up being a priority for all of us.

To help you who are in doubt as to what type of clothing to wear at the wedding party. Here are some awesome templates and tips for you to rock without fear of making a mistake in production:

What clothes will I go with?

Amid so many color options and models, it is very difficult to choose one! But calm down: you need to make a filter that you can go to the store with the focus to buy or rent the most beautiful party dress of your life!

The style of the party is the most important!

The first thing to consider is the style of the wedding party. Yes, there are several, and each marriage follows a style very similar to the personality of the couple. There is the traditional, modern, themed wedding on the beach .. that is, each of these parties asks for a different production, which interferes - and much - in your choice of party dresses. Usually the type of costume is already described in the wedding invitation, which greatly facilitates the life of the guests. However, some brides do not, and the guests end up having to ask.

Tip: If you are uncomfortable asking these questions, consider the style of the wedding invitation. It's like a party teaser. That is, it has details that match the decor and the style of the place that will happen the event. If the model is of a larger size, with very delicate details and clear satin ribbons, we can say that the wedding is traditional. But if the invitation is in the most rustic style, then the party will probably be outdoors.

Party Dress for traditional weddings

Will the wedding party be traditional? So you need to run into the store to fetch a long, elegant, conservative party dress. Typically, traditional weddings are performed with religious ceremonies, which means that low-cut and short party dresses are basically prohibited in traditional weddings. You can also wear a knee-length dress, long sleeve or even African prom dress. Remember: In traditional marriage, what matters is being elegant without exaggerating!

Outdoor wedding party dress

 The outdoor wedding can be a party held on the beach, in the countryside and farms. Which means that the most glamorous dresses can be left aside, because the party will be very relaxed and cheerful. Prefer for shorter models with no glare and bright colors - it can even be printed. As the party will have a lot of contact with nature, guests do not need to abuse more sophisticated elements, and the simple is beautiful!


Modern wedding party dress

About 80% of modern marriages have some theme. However, the guest party dress does not have to follow the same theme. For example, if the party is a Vintage theme, the guest doesn't have to go with a retro dress. In such cases, the ideal is to wear a neutral dress and leave the theme for the couple, who will surely abuse this theme in their visuals.


In the end, to find out the color that best suits your skin tone, you need to identify if you have warm, cold or neutral skin. It's quite simple: analyze your forearm in the region very close to the wrist. If you have blue and pink veins, your skin is cold. But if it is in shades of green, then your skin is warm. And if you can't distinguish between bluish and greenish, your tone is neutral.

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