Outsourcing Online Sports Betting Work

But it is really possible – and if it is – do you really want to do it?

To answer that question myself I say why not? I know of Internet marketers, website designers, teachers, students and many other people that outsource both work and personal things overseas. And you know what… they couldn’t be happier!

I think in this day and age, no doubt you’ve heard about people and companies doing this – although if you haven’t heard of anyone directly doing this, you’ve probably come into contact of it being played out.

If you’re in Australia and you need to call technical support about your Internet connection most likely you’re calling someone in another country. A simple and quick example.

I hope that the information below will at a minimum get you thinking about whether you can, or you should outsource any of your online sports betting tasks.

What is Outsourcing?

The word outsourcing has slightly different meanings from different sources, If you talk to a company, or an individual – you will most likely get a slightly different answer – so I have to first define my meaning of it.

The way that I’m using the word is in the context of “delegating any work to a country that will charge you a very small fee” so for instance someone in Australian sending work to India.

Another short, simple way of explaining it can be by calling it “labour arbitrage”. Arbitrage is also used as a sports betting strategy. I haven’t talked about this as yet, but it will come up for sure in a future post.

What’s your reason for Outsourcing?

You might already know what you’re looking to outsource, and you just need some information to take you to the next steps. If that’s you, the information past the below bullet points will most likely lend you a hand.

I think however that most of the people reading this don’t know what they could possibly outsource? Here are a few of the things that I’d consider:

  • Focus on core business – send the repetitive tasks that you don’t want to do, and focus on the main things that you need to be involved in
  • Improve quality – you might be making your own spreadsheets and recording your betting activities. Outsourcing this could improve the quality of your spreadsheets and the amount of data that’s recorded
  • Cost savings – you might want to let go of that someone you’ve hired locally and pick up someone overseas
  • Knowledge – hiring someone to gather and analyse sporting information. This would lead to making better betting decisions
  • Access to talent – you might need some programming done – for advanced users to set up a way to automatically check odds on specific sites, or to run a script that can check for arbitrage opportunities
  • Scalability – for times when there is a major event you might need to analyse much more data than you can handle
  • Creating leisure time – outsource the boring tasks (which are usually the repetitive things that you could do without) and use your time to enjoy life

There are of course many more things you could outsource, but hopefully the above points will help you uncover something that is really taking up a lot of your time that you could (quite easily) outsource at a very low price.

If you have something else that you’re currently outsourcing, please let me know in the comments section.

Getting prepared to Outsource

I’ve hired a personal assistant from India about half a year ago to do small jobs for me here and there that I’m currently still working with. From my experience I learned some valuable lessons.

I’ll be honest – there were a lot of frustration at the beginning. Things did not turn out the way I wanted, or expected at all. But through persisting with my efforts I was able to fine tune it.

What were the lessons? … a few things:

  • First off you have to define exactly what kind of jobs you out to outsource. The people that you’re dealing with want clear instructions to work from
  • Than you should be clear on how someone can do the job easily (if this is a task that you’re currently doing, then you should know the best way to do it). Providing someone with the most quickest and most effective way to do something means less stress for them and for you
  • Outline how you will measure if the job was done successfully
  • Come up with a rough estimate on how much you think the task will cost. Once you get a quote, you should negotiate if you believe the their quoted price is on the high side
  • Come up with milestones and only track changes at this point in time. Do not micro-manage the task or the person

That last point is an important one. Ultimately you’re outsourcing to free up your time – so don’t kill your time by managing someone as a full-time employee. While the person is working away, you should go do whatever else that is enjoyable… What would I do?

Probably buy a 6 pack of beers, grab a good book and head down to the beach for a swim.

How do you Outsource

I’ll give you two different ways in which you can get this done. In doing so I hope that you can make a decision on the approach you think is right for you.


The first approach is the normal way you do things. Most will find this way the easiest. All you need to do is fill in a form on their website on your requirements, they will give you a call / email and work things out from there.

AskSunday is an outsourcing company in India. They’ve been in countless publications such as Time Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

They have two types of services you can sign up for:

  1. Dedicated Assistant Program -They will assign one of their assistants to work especially for you. This makes the service very personalised
  2. 24/7 Assistance Service – An always there personal assistant for your every need. Whether that need is to book a flight, answering your phone calls, or checking odds across all the sports betting websites’s that you’re a part of.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Visit AskSunday.com for more information.


The second approach works a little different to what you might be use to. oDesk is a market place where people post projects (such as yourself), and outsource companies and freelancers who see your project, will apply to win it.

At the same time, these people that are applying, also have profiles that you can view and initiate a project with by contacting them individually.

Once you’ve outlined the work you need done (hopefully you’ve gone through the steps above, which will mean you have a Word document with all the details), you need to make yourself an account with oDesk, post your job and than interview the applicants.

The interview process is undertaken by sending the person an email asking for more details about experience and to help them understand the work you need done. This will allow the person to give you a more accurate quote and it will give you a chance to see if you like the person.

To find out more about this and to Find Virtual Assistants on oDesk take a look at their website.

Are you going to take on outsourcing?

I’m curious to know if you have been thinking about outsourcing. If you have let me know in the comments.

If you have already outsourced some of your work and if you want to share your story with others, please send me an email with the details and I’ll create a blog post about it.

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