After thinking for a long period of time, I realized that presently, it is quite obvious to say that "Nigeria today" seems to be like our uncles’ land; being a father land is like a paradox.


In our father land are many mansions.

In our uncles’ land are many farms,

Dominated by honest and unfavorable farmers.

Be not deceived: evil communication corrupt good manners;

Planters of corruption,

Producers of Bokoharam;

Marketers of justices.

Oh God of creation, help our leaders grow;

In honest, love and strength.

Yes, they are the head and representatives of whatever appendage they’ve gone by.

But am I an alien in this compound?

No, neither is you a foreigner.

We sucked from the same mothers’ breast,

We speak in our mothers’ tongue.

Papa roamed about the street, just for you to live.

Ah! You slapped Mama,

You denied John his membership right of the family,

Little Musa is laid on the hospital bed hopelessly.

Ogunfunke could not pay her school fees,

Madam Kofo ingested paracetamol towards eliminating cancer of the stomach.

Um! Oligarchy kills interest,

The poor being sold for pair of shoes,

Righteousness has been bartered for self-interest.


This compound is beautifully unwholesome palatable,

Endowed with human of integritically parameter-de-error.

Believing everybody is dangerous,

Thus leading to nature’s deterioration.

An endless-like puzzle in which uncles and aunties, friends and neighbours, of whatever family, have worked seemingly tirelessly on this puzzle.

Yet the more they all try to fix, the more scrambled the puzzle appeared.

Believing nobody is more dangerous,

Thus, not knowing which is which;

May the labour of our fore-fathers never be in vain.

It is a common-place to assert that before the existence of many, Nigeria had always been called the land flowing with Milk and Honey. Thus monomentally believing that the then giant of Africa has been led to the place of the Canaanite.

But today;

Majority of her citizens’ sleep on empty stomach, but my uncles’ neighbor could not define the term “hunger”.

Yet, signs and symbols of poverty radiates even amidst plants and animals of different species.

Aged are competing for food,

Children are dying of headache,

Toddlers are crying for help.

No more laws;

Justices is for sale,

It goes to the highest bidder "Baba Olowo".

No more pulse;

Family and friends could not exercise their full right,

Pay the price to receive the prize.

No more leaders;

We have boss.

Elder would not welcome his bros,

But only his favourite lost.

We have wars;

Bombs, guns and gods have being the greatest sword;

Causing harm to our rams and

structured books of both known and anonymous publishers.


Silent everybody…

I know them,                                                                                                                                  

You know them,

They know themselves.

But to whom should I report?


To the Police?

Whose attitude towards handling situation is ineptitude,

Whose integrity had been completely evaporated at the sight of twenty kobo.


To the C-members?

EFFC, ICPC, OPC, name them.

Whose eyes had been furnished with money-modified lens.

They can look, but they can’t see.


To the Judge?

Whose court had been used to urge injustices,

and not to purge corruption.

We have SANs’

But they can’t sanction

Tenants of kangaroo court.


To Family and Friends?

Whose voice seems to be of no measure at the sight of today’s Goliath?

Um! Who will play the role of David in this so called movie?


To Brethren in the Lord?

In fact, faith towards eliminating corruption is becoming faint.

But in all season,

Prayer will always retain its quality as the master key to receiving our individual’s blessing, even in our uncles’ land.


God Bless Nigeria!

Yours DOS.

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Comment by lovenaomi on April 18, 2013 at 11:50am


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thanks yours regard
( Naomi ).

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