History has shown that corruption begins with the monarchy and clerics who are the custodians of values and morals. The rest of the society only follows as it is guided by the actions and/or inaction of these two groups.
History has also shown that when corruption reaches its peak, a revolt is inevitable, given birth to a new empire/republic that eventually will repeat history till the end of time.
Today we are a witness to many social ills and decay that one is forced to ask, will our situation be different from those societies who collapsed because of extreme social corruption? NO! In fact we are heading in the direction of history, through our continued pretense that we live in a sane society thus encouraging what might become the violent burst of the current bubble.
The solution to managing and reducing the effects of this decay will have to begin with the family,
Responsible parent beget responsible children, who grow up to become responsible members of the society. Today majority of our social problems are not caused by "children of nowadays" but by the training of "parents of nowadays" who are mostly too educated (westernized), too rich or too poor to care about moral upbringing that they become confused about their own self identity and forget their traditional values and moral conduct.
An average Nigerian is confused as to whether he is a Nigeria or an American/ European, he is confused on his faith, confused on virtually everything around him to a point that being oneself without adding a touch of the West is becoming to look out of fashion and backward.
Alot of us are longing to be recolonized.
What is our traditional and religious institutions that are supposed to provide some form of balance doing?
They are either busy lobbying for sustenance or occupied with manipulating the poor and helpless to advance their quest for control of the minds.
If you ask me,I will conclude by saying that our parents are the main cadre to shapen this society to a better one,that's if we actually want to get better.
Have a lovely weekend peepz.

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