Our Pastors and the luxurious lifestyle.

Digest of comments on the controversy surrounding the flying on jets by our supposed Temple Ministers.
It amazes me how we Christians always find a portion of the Bible to cover up some kind of nonsensities so glaring and apparent!
Religion is all about Love,Repentance and Forgiveness!
Where does flying a private jet fits in all these three?
CAN(Christian Association of Nigeria) has ceased to be the moral conscience of the nation. Does Pope Benedict have any Jet or does he have less demand for his presence in his domain than this our brother Pastors?
Does the ArchBishop of Canterbury have any Jet or he doesn't have places to go and preach in high demand?
Arrrant nonsense!
Why don't you read about St Theresa,St Francis of Assisi and other men of God who left wealth to serve God by serving their fellow humans in need of wealth.
Oh God! Where is the love?
Some of our Pastors have lost the moral authority to speak and act as the Voice of God in the mist of all the corruption and poverty in Nigeria.
There is flood disaster that had impoverished more people in Many states of Nigeria .
This humanitarian relief should be our priority not encouraging opolulence life style.
Vanity upon vanity!
No one will take all these perishable luxuries into the grave. So why not leave a charitable legacy of service to mankind,well over 705 people have lost their lives because of flood while over 5000 have been displaced(homeless),we will agree that the funds for the purchase of that jet plus maintenance alone can go a long way to save 100more lives and also build home for the over 3500displaced.
We all hear about
Ford Foundation,
Clinton Foundation,
Carter Foundation,
Bill Gate Foundation,
how many Nigerian Leaders have set up similar humanitarian services?
We are just self centred greedy uncaring lots.
We need to change our mind sets and share our blessings for the benefits of the poor sick,needy ,widows,elderly,mentally ill,accidents victims this is what all religious teachings is about not showing off luxuries to massage our ego and frustrate the poor.
"No excuse to be extravagant in the midst of poverty stricken fellow Nigerians".
The money belongs to all of us but looted and stolen by a few hard hearted cabals who will face God's wrath and judgement of all their misdeeds.

By:Moses Abia
(A graduate of Law,Igbinedion University,Okada.)

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