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There are very rare chances with the users of Optimum to face any glitches. But sometimes resetting their password becomes a big deal for the users. If you are Optimum user and want to know ‘How to reset Optimum password’then you must read this blog to get the simplest solution. The steps are given in such an order that will prove very easy for the user to follow. Moreover, it is recommended that you must reset your password through the most convenient method you like. Otherwise, various troubles can arise.


Below given is the step by step guide to reset the Optimum password via three methods. Users can follow anyone they want.


Steps to reset Optimum Password


  1. First of all, go to the official website of Optimum from your most preferred browser
  2. When you will reach on the page, click on the ‘Password link’
  3. In the first empty field, enter the Optimum ID and in the next field, you have to enter the CAPTCHA characters.
  4. Choose any one option between the email address and the phone number to reset Optimum password
  5. You will then receive a temporary password on your selected method (on email or phone number) so that you can log in to your account
  6. In case if you have access to neither your phone number nor your email id then you can choose the third method to reset the password, i.e. by answering the security questions
  7. You will need to answer the security questions very carefully because by answering them, Optimum will verify your identity
  8. If you have the received the temporary password on email or on the mobile phone then you can enter it in the required field. Now reset the password and make it strong but rememberable so that you cannot forget it.


Note: You must reset the password in at least eight characters and not less than that because Optimum does not accept short passwords.

In case you find any difficulty during the whole reset process then you can instantly reach out to the team of technical assistants at Optimum customer support number that can be dialed 24 hours of the day.


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