Does Nigeria have to remain united, is it neccessary to be one Nigeria, the answer is no, one Nigeria is a bad slogan, a marriage incoviniency where one side is putting 100% and the other side is putting 0%. One side is working hard to see the country succeed, and the other side is working hard to see the country engulf in anarchy, unrrest, chaos and killings. the almagamation of southern and northern Nigeria in 1912 by the British colonial master has proving to be disaster, it proves that marriage of convinience doesn't work, when cat and rat are forced to live together the outcome is predictable, when anarchist, jahadist, religious intifadas are pin together with peace loving people you will not need a rocket scientist or political analyst to tell you what will happen. The bottom line is that the Northerners does not fitting when it comes to one Nigeria or Unity in Nigeria, lets stop deceiving ourselves believing it will be alright by cracking down on the perpetrators of Youths corps killers and endless political dialogues with Northern leadership with mentality of Nigeria birthright leadership ideology. there is a proverb that says if do not watch closely what do craws, it  will craws astray. The fact is that Nigeria don't have  to be one by force , if North will not secedes the South shoul now that the killings is minimum not when millions of southerners living in the North is slaughter.

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