Let us call a spade, a spade! Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has said it all and i believe if we mean well for this country called Nigeria and want to still co-exist, then every suggestions he has put forward here should be implemented to the later. Right now, most Northerners have started saying that they have oil in the North. Are they now saying it is time to go our separate ways? I think it will be better if Nigeria can go back to what we were before the clandestine amalgamation of Lord Lugard of 1914 which has not led us anywhere rather than hatred for each other in the name of religion. A country that was not supposed to be one but was forcefully joined together can never has a rest of mind because those who has been benefiting from this bastardly acts will continue to use the same tactics to instigate this kind of terroristic acts in other  to achieve their selfish purposes. The solution of Nigeria getting better lies in our hands to make and not the West that are only interested in what they are getting from Nigeria if not why did they rushed to divide the former U.S.S.R, the war in Iraq and the most recent case in Sudan. I wish President Goodluck Jonathan will see his ascension to this throne as  divine to use it wisely in other to stop most of these impunities that has been metted on the Southerners.  For more than 50yrs of Nigerian independence, my people have been paying with their blood whereas we continue to protect the muslims in the South because we are christians. Let it be made clear to the Northerners that, these young Coppers are the last from the South that will sacrifice their lives for bunch of bastards who dont have value for human lives as the Southerners are now prepared more than before for a repraisal whenever such terroristic act takes place again in that part of the Country. Enough is Enough.

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