In one of numerous definition of politics, it has been defined as a war, but a bloodless one. That, politics is just like a war but a war where 'no' blood is shed. In my undergraduate days in school as a student of politics, we were told time and time again that "there is no morality in polics" that is, polics and morality are two parallel lines can never meet.
Haven established those hypotheses, let us now look at the recent support that the president of United State of America gave to gay marriage, lest we forget, let us also establish the obvious that democracy is nothing but a game of number. Obama in recent months gave his supports for 'civil union' and not gay marriage with a clause that he is still 'considering' the issue. However, in an interview with ABC NEWS where he was supposed to make clear his position on the matter, Mr. Barrack gave in, he bought the idea that gay marriage is a right which must be granted just like other rights. In his view, he said, "I have been considering the matter. Earlier, I gave in to civil union which i felt was the limit but I think gays too have a right to marriage"(sic). In another line during the interview he consented that he had to support gay marriage because a good number of party members, close allies and sponsors are of the view and are in fact "gays".
Analysis the content of his words, we will be left with nothing but a clear indication that Obama was sacrificing his moral stands for political gains, mind you, he seek re-election few months from now. Morally, he did not feel the agitation was genuine but politically, nothing can be more right. A recent survey indicated that 50% of the American electorates supports the legalization of gay marriage while only 48% do not support it. With that, Mr Obama calculation to support the marriage of gays is no more right than anything else in his bid to return to the White House. His opponent, Roomney has however, declare his lack of support for such a marriage and evil call for marriage of same sex. And in strong terms, he has reprimanded the call for the legalization of gay marriage as an evil call. So, the question is, is Obama to blame for his stand or the American society?

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Comment by zanaib omasan idris on May 15, 2012 at 6:46pm
No, hes nt to be blame, hes just a president..n d people dt elected him..wnts him to legalizes he has to do it so dt it ll nt afect is political race..

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