Dim Chukwu Emeka Ojukwu stood & fought for equity,Justice and fairness for a better society where no one is left behind.Born with silver spoon,well groomed,educated and far ahead of his peers,he saw the looming scourge and danger of barbaric,corrupt,uncivilized,illetrate,feudal & blood thirsty elite controlling the levers of power and he challenged the manipulative and unjust system,thus Making him an embodiment of morality...A rare gem in his time and even now!
But the tragedy of Kawu Ishaq Modibbo in public domian and discuss are that he is anthropologically to poor & deficient to discern the concept of an ideal society & time.A clear symptom of Almajiri syndrome as a result of genetic mutation from generations of beggars & lepers.
But let us tolerate Kawu Ishaq Modibbo's views,writting & ranting for at least we have an Almajiri in our midst that can read,write and express his feudal ideology without bombing us.
Psychologically,people that are far behind in every sphere of human endevour in human society tend to be hostile,aggressive, critical & negative.So we should have better understanding of his behavioural pattern and sympathize with him.Infact,Vangard and other southern media should encourage these Almajiri writters so that we can guage and study their mindset.
To say Dim Chukwu Emaka Ojukwu is a rebel is the right word afterall Jesus christ,Mohameed,Martin Luther King jnr,Hindra Ghandi,other upright and notable figures rebelled against feudal and manipulative elite.
But for me & my household.Dim Chukwu Emeka Ojukwu is a formidable ICON then,now and forever....Adieu Ikemba!

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