Since the death of the Ikemba Nnewi Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu in a London hospital, tributes and words of praise has been poured on the former Biafran leader that it will be hard for anyone to make any comment without repeating what somebody else has said about him. Ojukwu's death brought all Nigerians to agree on one thing, Ikemba Nnewi was the man who saw tomorrow. The climax was attained when those who fought against him some 45 years ago recognised the fact that the Ikemba Nnewi did what he had to do to save his people who were haunted and slaughtered in the Northern part of the country while the Nigerian Government under General Yakubu Gowon looked the other way. It is unnecessary to recount the events that lead to the war here because since the death of Ojukwu many article has been written on the subject. However, i feel pain watching some Biafran war videos on Youtube. The sight of bare-footed hungry looking soldiers, children with swoolen stomachs and mothers wailing for their children draws one close to tears. Some of us were children during the war, we did not quite understand what was going on, but one day during the war, the Biafran soldiers came to our compound, after making my father sign some papers, they took possession of his Mercedes 911 trucks and drove them away, as kids we could sense that something was really wrong. We were instructed to run to the backyard into the Bunker whenever we hear sounds of aeroplane, these instructions we respected strickly and sometimes we ate food there inside the Bunker. Virtually all families in the Eastern Nigeria have their own story to tell about the war, some more horrible than others.

Some people say that Ojukwu did not groom a successor to take over from him the leadership of the Igbos, that argument do not stand. Circumstances brought fought Ojukwu, whenever similar events occur again, another Ojukwu will rise among the Igbos, so those who fear a vacuum in power should be rest assured. It is said in some quarters that the Igbos do not have a King, that is true to an extent, suffice it to say that whenever the dire is cast and you hear the shout of 'IGBO KWENU' another Ojukwu will emerge. The Igbos are special people, take it or leave it, Igbos don't have the culture of blind obedience, nor do they prostrate or bow to anybody who buys one Chieftaincy title or another and decides to lord it over their people. In Igboland leadership is bestowed on someone by destiny. 

Now that we Nigerians have come to the conclusion that the problems that lead to the proclamation of the State of Biafra are still here with us after these years and there seem to be no solution in sight, moreso as some political leaders have said that if they were in Ojukwu's position then, they would have taken the same action as he did. Even the military officers who fought on the Nigerian side against Biafra cannot hide their admiration for the man Ojukwu. The crying and the weeping will soon wither away, but those problems that hold us back as a Nation will still remain. There is the saying in French that 'it's only the imbecile who don't change opinion" Past Nigerian leaders have now changed their opinion about Ojukwu, so why not we all take a trip down memory lane? The best Tribute that will mean anything to the spirit of the Late Ikemba Nnewi Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu is for Nigeria to dust the Aburi Accord and bring it to reality, then he will heave a sigh of relief wherever he is.

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Comment by okeyode o gbola on March 19, 2012 at 1:57pm

Late Ikemba Nnewi chukwuemeka odumegu is a man i  so much respected for him to have forecasted the present situation will are in this country. Assuming , he was able to acheived his aims may be by now our slogan could have be a different thing but nevertheless, as it is now struggle continue and my question is this does that means there can not be another odumegun from the four corners of the country that will stand up and liberate his poeple from the ungly situation of this country.

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