Ojerinde Dibu Most resign and be Investigated. JAMB Registrar Paid To Divert Candidates To Private Universities.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation board JAMB has deceived and defrauded candidates of the JAMB examination for several years.
The selling of "Change of Institutions and Courses" forms is a particularly questionable practice.

I call on all human right activist to help intervene on this issues as most universities like Federal University of technology FUTO exams will be holding soon. To enable candidates return to their choice institution to write their exams.

Its obvious that jAMB are intentionally failing students and are being fraudulent in their activities, They don't want students to be admitted, and always want them to come back to re sit for jamb, playing with the youths future,
They introduced CBT, majority passed than the PPT.
They scrap 2nd choice instead of introducing 3rd choice to enable candidates pick choice.
Now they introduce their new policy posting students to private school. Imagin poor families that can't even afford federal Uni let alone state. "Why send my daughter to Maiduguri where Shekau will probably be the Vice Chancellor, when she actually chose FUTO?" one parent complained.. This is a deliberately the extermination of human race,.. Students are ok with the way it has been, you woke up in the morning place cut off as 180. A leader of students who protested on Wednesday against the workings of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), which randomly allocates university applicants to separate institutions, has alleged that the program’s registrar, Professor Dibu Ojerinde, has an agreement with private universities to selectively divert candidates to them against the will of the applicants themselves. Since JAMB knew it would still randomly allocate the candidates to institutions by its own discretion, why did it in the first place sell forms for them to change their choices, [only] to later allocate them at will to non-chosen institutions. A series of frauds have been going on in JAMB, and this is the right time to end it because I trust President Muhammadu Buhari to do justice to this, Infact jamb need to be scrapped and let universities conduct their admission.

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