DATE:30TH OCT,2012.

Nigeria our father land,
flowing oil like water,
growing natural resource like tree,
declining like candle,
suffering like slave.

Oh! Wicked Nigeria,
why thoust forsake your children children,
father gnash his teeth on his soil,
sun steal him during his survival,
made him drank from the river of pain.
Father wasted his life in war to rescue you,
free his children children from bondage,

oh! wicked nigeria why had thou father effort be fruitless,
blessing father had on us before his last breath,
anathematize you turn it to.

Oh! Wicked Nigeria,
why thou made alien live like king on father land,
riding us as horse,
increasing children children heart-throb,
controlling children children on father land,

Oh! Wicked nigeria,
awake from slumber,
dry the tear of children children,
hear our prayer and calm like sea water,
crown us with love,unity and peace.

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