Oh, Another Year is Gone... What happens to my Dreams?

GT Guitarman once sang:

"When am I going to be what I want to be, when am I going to see what I want to see, time is ticking and I can’t wait no more, do dreams ever come true in this part of the world?"

Can you relate? Do you wonder if dreams still come true in this part of the world?

It's okay if you do. The country we find ourselves doesn't exactly give us much hope.

Nigeria has failed its citizens. The economy is getting worse by the day and the entire system is working against us. While a few live in extreme abundance, majority struggle to have two square meals a day. Children who are supposed to be in school are at home because their parents can’t afford to pay their school fees. In some cases the child losses a year or two of school or even worse, some gets withdrawn from school.

Most parents struggle everyday to put meal on the table for their families. Consumable products increase in cost everyday because of the increase in cost of production. Small businesses that can’t keep up with the daily expenses involved in running a business in Nigeria are quickly shut down. Students spend 6-8 years in college (because of the regular strike) just so they can obtain a degree, but after they do, getting a job becomes another struggle. Most graduates are left without a job, so there are many people with different levels of certificates who can’t feed themselves and since that is all they know, they find it difficult to move on.

Some graduates that are lucky to get a job can’t even sustain themselves with their monthly salaries, even worse; some don’t get paid that small salary until after another month or two. As a result a lot of workers live on borrowing from others.

What about the ones that are gainfully employed? They lack job security. We are aware of how some banks terminated the employments of their staffs without a warning not too long ago. Daily newspapers sometimes reads stories of such ones finding it difficult to move on in life because some of them took loans from their banks that they had to pay back with the benefits that was suppose to be due to them upon the termination of their employment. So they were left with little to nothing to continue life with, and these set of people are used to a lifestyle that requires money to maintain.

Termination of employments without warning is now a common thing in the country, so even the employed live in fear of losing their job.  

These are some major issues we are faced with in our country and there’s no sign of a significant change happening in the next 10-20 years.

So what happens to our dream then, to your dream? Do you just settle for the cramps being handed to you and say it’s fate, or fight for the kind of life you want? I am hoping you are willing to fight for your dream because I have some good news.

Do dreams ever come true in this part of the world? Of course they do, we have some examples of people who’ve made their dreams come true here in Nigeria all by themselves and you can too.

It’s time for us to stop asking which way Nigeria, recognize that the system has failed us and take charge of our lives. All we need to achieve financial success is within us; we just need to be re-oriented and given the right kind of knowledge, the purpose for which an initiative has been set up.

Invitation to the Dreams Self Achievers Naija

I invite you to the Dreams Self Achievers Naija initiative. An initiative set up to accommodate those who have dreams and are ready to learn and make the necessary sacrifices required for them to achieve the life they've always dreamed about.

The initiative will regularly provide free valuable informational materials to its members on principles of creating and building wealth, simple, smart, cheap ways they can start businesses right from the comfort of their homes, how to set up these businesses, new opportunity announcement (lucrative opportunities they would never have heard of) provide them support when they need it, and send regular tips on life improvement, making money, and motivational. All these will guide them to their financial potential.

All you need to become a member is sign up to the Dreams Come True newsletter at www.mydreamsturntoreality.com , through which these informational materials will be sent to members. And upon your sign up, you get free exclusive access to the e-book:"The Business Millionaire 5 Money Making Weapons - How to Apply them and Start Building your Wealth Right Away" It's nothing like any book you've read.

To follow this e-book soon is a free 7 day email course titled: "7 Steps 7 Days to your Dreams". So there's a lot in store.

Knowledge you know is power and with the type of regular knowledge the members of the Dreams Self Achievers Naija will be receiving, by the end of 2012 there lives will never be the same again, except the ones that are just lazy, that read but refuses to act upon what they've read.

Before you blame someone for not living the life that you want, ask yourself: "How much effort have I put to achieve the life that I want for myself?"

We all want to live abundantly, but too many of us are too lazy to make that kind of life happen for us. This is the reason why though everyone can become rich and wealthy, but not everyone will.

T.E. Lawrence once said: “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.”

Visit www.mydreamsturntoreality.com

My goal for setting up this initiative is to enlighten as many Nigerians as possible about other simpler but more rewarding options available to them to use to create the kind of life that they want for themselves. At the end my satisfaction comes from helping many people reach their goals and being recognize for something good. And there's the fact that if you help others long enough, you will be helped too.

I hope you come on board,

All the best, and I wish you all you wish yourself come 2012.

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Comment by Irigha DM Olali on December 13, 2011 at 5:03pm

Interesting topic. You should look up my blog post (the stuff of dreams) coming soon. 

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