it is so disheartening that president obama of united states of america could in any way build the biggest mosque ever known in of all places,"the world trade centre",in a known christian dominated country like u,s.a .is this a blessing or a curse?for all i know,america'll never vote for any upcoming black man for president,cos the've not survived the president in power.

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Comment by Idris Abiola Owolabi on April 11, 2011 at 2:51am
You lack knowledge for saying Obama build the biggest mosque in world trade center arena, the largest mosque in the the world for now is in Israel, you should also know that Islam will not behind the 9/11 attack on united state, its because Obama know the that Islam have noting to do with 9/11 attack that is reason why he give the approval for the Islamic Cultural Center to be build, and if such Islamic institution can be build in United state that show you the number of Muslim presence in United State, You should know that Islam as a religion will not encourage terrorism, America and other nation are not at war for any religion issue but for world and economic power.Do you see America fighting Saudi, if you also go back to the history when Iran and Iraq are at war, will you say its religion issue cause the war? first and second world war is it religious war? Please stop discriminate against Islam.
Comment by chris Ndu on April 6, 2011 at 10:58pm
When we write in a public forum like this,it will be better if we get our facts right.That was not 'THE BIGGEST MOSQUE EVER' as u claim,The approval to build what is called Islamic Cultural center was given by the Mayor of New york Michael Bloomberg before the President have to sign.All those critical of Obama's liberal approach are Right wing Republicans whose desire for war both in Iraq and Afghanistan drained America' economy.That is what Obama is trying to fix now.Your claim that US will never vote in a Black man is just ludicrous,What wrong has he done? your hatred of Muslims will not convert them to Christianity. Jesus loved and dined with everybody he met,irrespective of what they are.There are elements of Terrorists who are Muslims,so are most other faiths have some bad people there.Few years ago,here in the UK,Some Northern Irish Catholics[IRA] were planting bombs and were killing British service men and civillians as well.The earlier we accept and respect other faiths,the better for us..

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