Imagine you staying in camp for three weeks what you breath in as air  is just s***!! The officials are so corrupt that to make excessive gains they tax the marketers so high that they the marketers invariable increase their prices. That is not still enough, that the official  use the provided money for reconstruction of this toilets and bathrooms to construct for themselves toilets, bathrooms and even buy water tank which are sold to the corpers. It is strange that at 2013 corpers are still excreting in bushes and bath publicly, while the hostels lack doors, windows and electricity allowing dangerous creatures to enter at free will ... So shameful it is that we corpers still bribe our way out from meaningless activities organised by the NYSE by buying alcohols to the soldiers or parading them with ladies. No one is permitted to protest against the mismanagement and ineffectiveness of the camp due to fear of decamping, posting to remote villages or possibly assaulted by the soldiers who by simple order from the military captain. The DG of the NYSC is not qualified to be there, regardless of the ranks he holds, ranks should be a testimony of knowledge and experience to solve problems that affect the people around you, but not to be treated like a god. We were forced to learn how to praise him once he comes in and goes out.. The corpers were like semi zombies knowing that we were been used but powerless to air our grievance.To be honest with you, once the threat of been decamped, posited to a village or assaulted by the soldiers or officials one is forced to be a 'yes man'  which remains a wise choice.

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