The southerners especially the IGBOS  who were old enough to experience the civil war first hand can attest the horror of NAZI camp like treatment of the southerners by the northerners during the event leading to the civil war and during the civil war, those who were able to escape  alive lives to tell the story, southerners were massacered and butchered mercilessly, some people will say now, it was because of war, or leave old wounds, it is fine, the problem is that ever since then southerners has been the object of target by northerners just in every of their riots. Apart from fellow Northerners been kill, christians and southerners has always been their primary targets knowing the best place to get the southerners is the church. Northern Nigeria is like a mine field for southerners and they need to avoid it, the risk of southerners living in the Northern part of the country apart from Abuja  is as safe as living in a mine field. I see no security for southerners across the NiGER BRIDGE, even in Abuja the capital there is no reliable security for the southerners should it be an INTIFADA or JIHAD by the elements of Northern butcherers. To my fellow southerners, i will tell you this, the Ukwani people have a proverb that says, "if you don't watch carefully the thing that craws, it will craws out of sight" living in the North is like living in a grave yard, that is how close the lives of southerners are sojourning in the North. While we strive to make living, living should not make life out of us risking it all to live in Northern Nigeria. i can't immagine the pain families and friends of all those Youths corps killed having sacrifice to see these young men and women through the thickness cloud of education for better tomorrow for themselves and the nation only to be lost in the Northern part of the country serving the nation and the people they see as one but never see them as their own.

My instinct always tell me, immediately you cross the Niger Bridge you are nolonger in Nigeria, you are on your own, your life is in your palm, giving it away or securing it is all your decision.

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