As could be seen from the various debates in support or against retention of the PDP presidential zoning system, the battle line appears to have been drawn. What is more, some northern elements have been issuing strong wordings amounting to almost threat, if the zoning system is not retain or if President Jonathan is not stopped from contesting the 2011 general election. Another reports also had it that two learned lawyers were already in court seeking legal interpretation to prevent the PDP from allowing any southerner to contest the forthcoming presidential election.

However, as a northerner myself (Benue State in particular), I make bold to say that the activities of these fellow northerners are not fostering the unity of this Country. My conclusion stemmed from that the fact these groups appears to be ignorant of the consequences of their action. For instance, some northerns perceived sense of injustice if the region is not allowed to produce the next president, without considering also the ripple effect of denying the south-south (the Country's only Oil-rich belt) of this rare singular opportunity of governing this nation. No civilized northerners can claimed ignorance of the cry of marginalization of the Niger Delta people from several decades of this country's 50 years of existence. These group of northerners should know that president Goodluck Jonathan's candidacy goes beyond Southern affairs, as it is also a testimony for the realization of the political aspiration of the Nigerian minority groups. Northerners should know that political power may not necessarily be economic power, especially in the light of the present Nigerian situation. It is the economy power that sustain the government the north is currently insisting to control at all cost, without considering the socio-economic implication of their action.

It could be recalled that rotational presidency since independence was never in the Nigerian political psych. It 1999 when it was adopted as a child of necessity to ameliorate for the perceived injustice meted out to the southern brothers towards governance of the Country. The dream of a beloved united Nigerian nation irrespective of creed, religious and ethnic affiliation was killed and buried in 1993 by one of our own, General Ibrahim Babangida. Have any Nigerian reflected the event leading to that famous election where Candidates of both political parties, SDP and NRC, were moslems including their running mates and yet there was no complain from the Christian compatriots. Is it possible to have such arrangement in today Nigeria without popular outcry? How would Nigeria look like today if that election was allowed to stand? Unfortunately, the murderer of that national dream is today telling us how democratic he is and therefore should be allowed to rule the country again. I simply refused to accept the fact that the best national leaders can only be found in the Army Barracks.

At this present state of the Nigerian nationhood where we have lost ground in all human resources indices, as revealed by most global indicators, we should be looking for a true national leaders or revolutionist that will move our nation to the dreamed promise land, irrespective of where such person comes from. Survival of our nation should therefore be taken above that of a single individuals or region. It should be stated that proponents of regional politics do not meant well for our Country and their activities should be put in check. Following 50 years of miserable journey by this nation, we must take the right step from here.

Young Northerners are hereby enjoined to resist joining any rally meant for insisting on the zoning in 2011 and instead begins to challenge the past military and civilian leaders that have forgotten about the Northern agenda when they are in air-conditioned offices.

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Comment by jinjin7 on September 25, 2010 at 2:44pm
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