As I continue on this topic, I thought costuming will be the next stage I need to write about.

When it comes to flaws in NOLLYWOOD, I think there are more flaws in costuming than any other stage in the production process.

I have observed most movies and their costumes and always nothing to write home about. Yes we advertise Nigerian fabrics and fashion in our movies but I think it is in the wrong ways. Costume is not about the
dressing and make-ups but we make it look
EVERY CHARACTER’S face is enhanced by the make-up she is wearing. Most
characters these days wear wrong costumes for their roles because most
of them have to bring with them their dresses to the location where
shooting is done. Right now I don’t want to mention any movie but I
have watched movies half way and left because I thought the flaws in
the costuming was too much. I could remember one movie where a lady got
up from bed early in the mourning and her make-up was still flawless
and we all know that is impossible.

Another point I think that needs to be dealt with in costuming is the point where a monster character is been played. That movie will only be a bad image for NOLLYWOOD.

The point I am trying to get at here is that professional costumiers are not employed to make costumes for these movies all because everyone wants to cut cost in their production. Like we know “anything worth
doing at all is worth doing well”. So lets start making good movies not
only for the Nigerian market but for the world to see we have come of
age in movie making.

Like I always say if truly we want to help grow the NIGERIAN FILM INDUSTRY WE HAVE TO INVEST IN IT. Let’s do our bit now because in the long run we will achieve our set out goals.

Stay with me on Naija scroll, as I will bring yet another NOLLYWOOD FLAWS TO HELP improve the NIGERIAN FILM IDUSTRY.

NOLLYWOOD FLAWS: COSTUME Naija Scroll-Odagbu Princewill column

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