NNPC a government agency that should be up and doing in this recession is holding back the country from moving forward. My very good friend happens to be a registered independent marketer (Name withheld for security and business reasons). He showed me proof that he paid for kerosine initially at 73 Naira per litre first week of June, so many vessels were imported into the country and he was never allocated even a litre.

The NNPC announced an increase of the price of the kerosine from 73 Naira per litre to 135 Naira per litre.

despite holding onto to his money for three months without giving him an litre of kerosine, the NNPC mandated all independent marketers to pay additional 62 Naira on each litre to make up for the 135 Naira increase. My friend and other faitfuls who want their tied money out immediately paid.

It has been another two months after he paid for the price increase making a total of five months, and he is has not been supplied with the kerosine and no apology was tendered to him or his colleagues for this injustice. Note however, NNPC imported tones and tones of kerosine but Ibekachukwu according to one of the coordinators in Lagos diverts the product to and cut a deal with the major marketers allowing the independent marketers to remain robbed of the money and even more essential time. I have three questions for the forum.

1- Is this legal? should they be supplied with the product even when an increase is made because their monies is being held for three months? 

2- Is this a scam? NNPC is using the money paid by ordinary Nigerians and refuse them the products they paid for only to divert same to major marketers for their selfish interest. 

3- Is it right for the independent marketers to pay for additional fees when on many occasion kerosine were imported and distributed to others not them?

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