Nintendo Switch is the latest console to receive a Rocket League port

Rocket League is a portmanteau between RC vehicles and soccer, an unlikely combination that took the market by storm when it released. The game, released originally in 2015 for PC and PS4, later received ports to Xbox One and Linux the following year. The unique gameplay mechanics that allow you to propel your car at designated points on the map, ram into your opponents to destroy their cars and powerups that increase/decrease the ball speed make for Rocket League Crates a rather interesting experience. The game boasts of approximately a million active players daily and has overwhelmingly positive reviews on the Steam market.

Nintendo Switch is the latest console to receive a Rocket League port. The game is relatively light on resources, hence will run flawlessly on the Switch. The game also comes with car models exclusive to the platform, with the most notable ones being Mario and Luigi themed. As an added bonus, it comes with an option to play cross-platform, i.e a player using a Switch can play versus a player using an Xbox One. The platforms currently supported are PC and Xbox One. That being said, the Switch players are at a natural disadvantage owing to the inherently superior tracking offered by a keyboard and mouse and will have to up their game in order to compete with PC gamers.

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