The raging debate on Nigeria’s corporate sustainability is increasingly attracting more attention from various intelligent communities and analysts from within and outside Nigeria. After all I have always maintained that should the status-quo persist, a spontaneous unrest can’t be ruled out. However, most of our Southern Nigerian compatriots assume and wish that this leads to the country’s breaking up into two; North and South, assuming that their predicament will be automatically over. Whereas as I argue elsewhere it will only lead to anarchy all over the land, because there is no single geo-political zone, tribal or religious group organized enough to immediately transform into a viable state on Nigeria’s rubble.

Now in addition to my detailed arguments there, I also reckon here how Nigerians’ debates and discussions on the Internet about the same issue represent a cyber anarchy that reflects the very nature of the probable scenario in the wake of any possible break up attempt.

Interestingly, that probable scenario is vividly reflected in the largely chaotic nature that defines most of Nigerians’ debates and discussions on the Internet. For instance the “undesirables” i.e. core Northerners are being relentlessly condemned for allegedly being the only or at least the main cause of Nigeria’s persistent mess. On various websites that address Nigeria’s topical issues, there is a virtual consensus among almost all non core Northern Nigerians that the core Northerners are more or less a cancer in Nigeria’s body, which once removed the country will be perfect, developed and prosperous. The condemnation goes severer when a writer or analyst from such “undesirable” sub-region writes anything no matter how sound and logical, where he will definitely be dismissed and libeled with all inconceivable libels far away from civilized discussion ethics.

For instance recently a well-known analyst from the core North while refuting one of such allegations against the core Northerners, quoted the EFCC which effectively maintains that Northerners as a whole who are incidentally far more in population then the Southerners, are responsible of less then 7% of the public money looted within a specific recent period of time, and that Southerners are responsible of more then 93% of that looted money, he was predictably attacked with all sorts of unprintable insults. Hardly any one cared to address the issue objectively even though in reality that finding can probably apply on the entire years of the country’s existence.

Likewise some core Northerners’ peculiar social phenomena and cultural stereotypes e.g. Almajirci and conservatism respectively, are unnecessarily capitalized upon and cited as more or less the main causes of Nigeria’s persistent backwardness. Core Northerners are constantly insulted as Goro-chewing morons, illiterate Mallams, bloody cattle rearers etc. Whereas though no particular region or tribe can possibly be branded as the sole cause of Nigeria’s mess, the worst damage that Almajirci and conservatism can cause to Nigeria’s socio-political and economic interests can’t match that of armed robbery, drug counterfeiting, cyber scam/419, kidnapping, human/drug trafficking, international prostitution, oil bunkering, militancy and corporate financial fraud with which other region/tribes are identified.

Ironically however, the so-called “allies” against the core Northerners turn even more hostile against one another when debating among themselves. There is an unmistakable hatred particularly between the two major Southern tribes, and equally between them and their respective pockets of minorities as well as between the minorities themselves.

This blatant inconsistency reflects the extent of bewilderment that characterizes the thoughts of many Nigerian commentators and analysts, who are supposed to rise above that ridiculous level by virtue of their knowledge and exposure.

In as much as I believe in the Internet’s capability and potentials to facilitate mutual understanding and harmony even between people with least common interests, I maintain that Nigerian thinkers and analysts can only impact positively when they focus on issue based discussions and debates with a view to affecting constructive reform in the country. After all most of the subject persons mostly debated about are out there collaborating with one another in looting the national resources regardless of their regional, tribal and religious affiliations, thereby compounding the plights of their respective people.
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