Nigerian Youths Reject Rotational Presidency

Last week the New Nigeria Youth Movement met in Ghana to deliberate on recent events in Nigeria. The meeting venue was deliberately kept secret to avoid ‘disruption’ akin to the last one billed for Port Harcourt. I
could not make the trip but joined them on telephone conferencing. We had
earlier adopted new security measures because we are not sure of whom our
opposition is: Whether it is the Old Nigeria cabal or the new ruling clique
bent on establishing sectional control.

The New Nigeria Youth Movement voted unanimously to allow this writer return as spokesman for another term. This was an exceptional decision considering that I was past the age limit. To validate this appointment
a minor constitutional amendment was effected to allow Nigerians up to age 50
years to be members.

We deliberated on the following topics:

1 Review of Shadow Parliament decisions in New York

2 The New cabinet of acting President Jonathan

3 Review of statements from America on Rotational Presidency and also’ Division call’ from Libya’s President Ghadafi

4 The Way forward for the Nigerian Revolution.

The body congratulated organizers of the New York Shadow Parliament for their progressive resolutions and expressed support for the issues raised. However she frowned at attempts by fifth columnists to truncate and distort the
original Assembly concept by refusing to endorse a continuity body. Without a
shadow cabinet arising from the deliberations the whole idea has no life and
would suit only appointment seekers as well as political office jobbers instead
of providing Nigerians an alternative body to help rebuild a new Nigeria. “They
want us to heap our hopes on those who are even in themselves hopeless thereby
extending the misery index of Nigerians for another span”. For this reason the
New York effort will no longer represent the New Nigeria as earlier taunted. To
this end the body decided to set up another Assembly. Suggestions of New York,
London or Ghana were bandied by members and a sub committee was set up to
decide and report to the body by April .The new Shadow Assembly will draw
merited representatives of Nigeria Abroad Associations all over the World
including from Nigeria to deliberate without fear or favor on the crucial
issues that would lead to liberation of Nigeria. She therefore calls on all well meaning Nigerians to
come together and move fast to realize
what is good for Nigeria without looking up to the present government already heavily enslaved by party
strings and tainted by those bad practices that gave Nigeria a bad name. On
concessions already being made by the new administration, they cautioned that
Nigerians should not ever give the government a quarter or these concessions
will evaporate into thin air.

The new ruling junta cannot claim better political credibility than their mentors except they implement the tenets of the Nigerian revolution and that will surely also keep them out of power. So overlook their
politically motivated reforms unless these are systemic and structural. However members applauded the Senate for
deciding to approve independent candidacy for President but frowned at their
approval of only limited and myopic changes for immediate electoral gains in
the constitution. It is like robbing Peter to pay Paul because independent candidacy
or voting rights for Nigerians abroad under today’s draconian laws will not
work. As expected Nigerians are only being taken for a ride unless we go ahead
to dictate the pace without minding our own gains or position but remaining non
partisan for the sake of generations yet unborn.

The recent call by President Ghadafi that Nigeria be split into two was rejected. It was viewed as unnecessary so long as the new generations of Nigerians are learning to work together in a new Nigeria framework
spearheaded by this movement. Any other framework will only vindicate Ghadafi. As soon as we look up to the old Nigeria for
succor then such solutions will continue to resonate.

On America supporting rotational Presidency in Nigeria, the body dismissed the position as untenable and ill advised. Rotational Presidency brought Nigeria the last instability and international disgrace of leadership
mediocrity and corruption which this generation of Nigerians will not allow it
to happen again. Democracy is the basis of the ongoing Nigeria revolution that
Nigeria can be better governed and we believe it is also the fruit of President
Obama’s Africa policy so how can America turn around to support undemocratic means
of succession in Nigeria thereby perpetuating corruption and impunity in the
name of stability? Is it better to have peace and stability of the graveyard or
have we given up hope for a forward looking Nigeria? These were some of the
questions raised by members who insisted on working for a merit driven Nigerian
society no matter who stands on the way.

The body maintained its stand that nothing sustainable can arise from the new cabinet of President Jonathan as long as the political system remains unchanged and sustained by a wrong value system. It is all about
individual calculations and any one who dares to take a deep will have himself
or herself to blame sooner or later. On the other hand if the new cabinet will
work for unselfish constitutional reform then they may further the desirable
cause of the revolution for their own good.

On the way forward, the body assured Nigerians that progress is being made already as the major players like Save Nigeria Group[SNG], ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Civil society groups, Nigerians Abroad and others are now
coordinating efforts to build a consistent agenda in this regard despite
infiltrations and opposition from the junta. If Nigerians must avoid disappointment
they must join hands to build a formidable body capable of leading Nigeria to
the Promised Land.

Mr. Nworisara, a former student activist, aspired to be President of Nigeria in 1992

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Comment by Oguejiofor, Chinedu Benjamin on April 30, 2011 at 8:17pm
I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at
this early day of its experiment that corruption has been
imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, Senate, the Presidency and the rights
of the people have been bartered for promises of office.
I will be happy certainly when the corruption index improve.If a country is to be corruption free and become a
nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal organs of govenment who can make a difference. They are the executive, the legislature and
the judiciary.
The cabals in government prevents this change and with these men in presidency, national assembly and judiciary, i am pessimistic of any positive economic growth. These old power jobbers have degenerated in their reasonings, they are retarded in functioning of 21st century democracy and their mature age is sunk in corruption. Change in Nigeria lies on the youth..
Comment by OKPALA FELIX UCHENNA on April 21, 2010 at 6:23pm
am here life
Comment by Chudy Obadike on April 2, 2010 at 2:31am
I really share you views Nwokedi. The point am trying to make is that we must pursue our dream of a better Nigeria in the context of our perculiar nature. If you really got me right, I buy you views but from the perspective of one who believes that the complications we have in this nation is a device of satan (if you believe there is one) for mass destruction. However, God had ever been with us and He is that force that comes along with time that has a way of changing seasons. If you remember, IBB was moved by that force. Abacha also was not left to continue. Even now, we can see the way changes are positioned to take. We will still get to your dream by God.s grace, but the speed of our playback analysis should be on the wheel of caution and absolute diplomacy . That's why l said, "Let's keep talking". Constructive, supportive, progressive but challenging protest as you are doing will be instrumental. Thanks
Comment by Nwokedi Nworisara on April 1, 2010 at 7:54pm
Thanks Chudy for your input,it takes a patriot to offer a solution to problem such as we have. A lot of people lose the point entirely.We are not fighting the government or any body.We don't need to do that because they depend on the power we give them to exist.Presidency and rotation cannot mix in one word.A President is an elected leader through democratic means under a consistent value system.Rotational arrangement is not democratic because it cannot be subsumed under a consistent value system.In fact that is why rotation cannot be written down in a constitution because it is corruption of all that a consistent democratic system stands for.It is likened to your impunity arrangements that places some people above the law in society.You remember some people going on top speed through a hold up with blackened number plates, some people flying abroad for medical check up while the hospitals rot;some people collecting huge amount as security votes which cannot be accounted for because there are no headings. And yet you spend so much fighting corruption and bribery yet you encourage it with merit defeating clauses in the constitution and in those unwritten arrangements by hoodlum whose inadequacy will not allow them to compete for votes in a democratic setting.Did our founding fathers consider rotation? the answer is no. Are web founding another Nigeria by via-ring away from their tested values? Yes it amounts to that. But can a nation be found midstream? No. Will such arrangements endure? No.We can only breed confusion. We would increase the misery index of Nigerians.We would increase unemployment and create a no hope for the young and their children's children because you are telling them already they do not have to work hard at ll just marry into a happening family and you belong for a span.But that is not how life is willed from above . We would be living against life itself and we invite extinction.The creator of the world has positioned merit as the noblest of all values for hard work and progress of society.The Lord wants people to be free and that is seen from his decision to give everyone his own head,mouth,hand legs etc.There is no dependence on any body.In His wisdom he has created solutions for every generation and epochs and man must not look on to his own foolishness as wisdom.The truth is that Nigeria is moving deeper into hell as long as it wants to wipe away people and merit by deciding for them in advance as your rotational Presidency wants to do.Youn said that Nigeria has progressed since two decades of the introduction of rotational presidency if I got it right and you see this progress cntinuing. I dont know where you got your facts but I can assure you that Nigeria has deteriorated ever since. Look at the statistics.Now life expectancy is 40year down from 60years when Nigeria gained independence in 1960.Government cannot run a railway,a refinery,a telecommunication,a farm settlement,an electric power authority,all these are more than passing evidence.My friend I amsorry for you that you did not live in the sixties and you would have known the difference because what we are going through is more than hell.If you doubt it go to Ghana or the next country and see how steady is light .You know why,nothing hidden like rotational presidency comes near their system.They cannot harbour what is dark and expect light.These things cannot mix up spiritually.How can any one say that Nigeria is getting better because you brought in an acting President? That is not enough reason for optimism at all. What will bring hope is that the old system is dismantled and you cannot do that by adopting the same style and tactics. In fact you cannot destroy the vehicle you are ridding inside except you stop and change vehicle. Until that is done be assured that the Nigeria youths will not allow such things as Rotational Presidency,and henceforth any one who supports it is against the progress of Nigeria.We shall not allow business as usual. This is not the time to appeal to any one but we have bodies that can give us alternative government and help the next generation realise their dreams.You have your free will to come along or you can stay with them as long as it makes you happy but please don't stop this dialogue.
Comment by Chudy Obadike on April 1, 2010 at 6:33pm
While I commend the effort of the Nigerian youth, espercially the burden to have a genuine Nation where absolute sanity in governance prevails, It will be very important not to overlook the fact that we have a perculiar multi-ethnic society. Not to have a rotational presidency in this evolving Nation will end up giving the most advantaged unlimited power to overide the rest as the case have been in the past. I believe that we are not yet ripe for non rotational presidency. We must patiently pursue good governance carefully the way we have followed it in the past two decades otherwise we may run into flames. The truth is that the system is gradually positioning for a positive change. The light is getting brighter by the day and the force that comes along with time has a way of changing seasons. However, we must keep talking .

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