Four Nigerian Teenagers Sentenced To Life Imprisonment for Gang-Kil...


“The case of a very sad murder that took place months ago at Victoria Station in London is now over with 4 Nigerian teenagers sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Sofyen Belamouadden.”


Frankly speaking!!!…


NIGERIAN(s)… Parent(s) in Diaspora!

Lesson to be learned!!!



MY…Children! YOUR…Children!! OUR…Children!!!

Born in foreign land…Abroad!


Freedom or Free…doom???


Ile l’ati ko eso r’ode. (Yoruba proverb)

“Charity begins at home.”

Eje ka ko’mo wa…k’abale nisimi lojo iwaju. (Yoruba proverb)

“Let us train our children so we can have a peace (peace of mind…) when we get older.”




If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for ...
Albert Einstein




Talk is cheap…Do something not just smart talk…

Let us stop being naïve…It can happen to any one of us (U & I)

Pause & think... Parents in Diaspora!


Check your closet…d earlier the better.

Let us stop indulging your kids…

Even if they think they’re smarter than U (typical)

U cannot stop telling them the true…


Justice that love gives is surrender; justice that law gives is a p... - Mahatma Gandhi


Oruko rere… osan ju wura ati fadaka… (Yoruba proverb)

“Good name is better than silver & gold.”


Call them British born…American born, or whatever, it doesn’t matter.

The truth of d matter is that they were wrong & they were been punished.


I wonder why anyone would justify and even question d outcome of d punishment…

Just like some (unfortunate) supposed to be “role model” continued to be naïve when their children are doing d bad thing or misbehaving, most especially divorce couple…


Please…please…please!!! Pay attention to what matter most;

My…children! Your children!! Our…Children that we volunteer to bring to the world…our duty as guidance…as a role model & as a parent without any string attached…is very important.


Let us stop pointing finger(s)

His fault…Her fault sensations!!!


Let us be realistic for a change…

Wake up! Wake up!! Wake up!!!


If U can’t do it; let him/her do it…

The result is what matters…


Oruko rere… osan ju wura ati fadaka…  (Yoruba proverb)

“Good name is better than silver & gold.”





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