PDP once said that they will rule this nation for a minimum of 60years, making us susceptible to a gradual departure from true democracy to the realm of political anarchy. One is made to ponder whether the one party system(only PDP)will be democracy or disguised dictatorship. The thought of the possible future puts fear in the hearts of well meaning Nigerians. The hold of PDP on this nation looks so strong and spells doom for us all. Its reversal is almost unthinkable, considering the sequence of events.

Peoples Democratic Party, the nation's ruling party consists of political heavyweights with a commanding influence on the nation's polity. This influence cuts across national, state, council and even ward levels. There appears to be an impossibility of the absence of a PDP loyalist in any matter of national concern . There is also a conscious and enthusiastic desire for members of the party to dominate wherever they find themselves. This domineering tendency is sometimes unchecked prompting reactions from members of opposition parties.

The early emergence of PDP gave them the privilege and opportunity to set up a better coordinated political structure, giving them an edge above others that are struggling to make something happen. The union of 'men and women of substance and calibre' at the onset gave them the early relevance needed to succeed in our nation's polity. Almost all our politicians made haste to join the large winning party at its formative stages, with little or nothing considered in terms of opposition,as of then, for a healthy, thriving and long-lasting democracy.

As ACN(Action Congress Of Nigeria)is waking up to the dream of seriously contending in some zones and states,little or nothing is being done by other parties. ANPP, APGA,recently CPC and very few others are striving to raise their heads with tens of others serving as space-occupying-lesions in INEC's register. Thus, the normal opposition needed against the ruling party is either insignificant or absent. Even in the recently concluded presidential election, the battle appeared to be between CPC's Buhari and PDP's Goodluck, making other contestants resemble 'jokers'.

Apart from few states where other political parties won the governorship seats, PDP had a landslide victory in the rest. That was also the case in the NASS elections and that of the state legislators, questioning the existence of other parties. Even in the places they lost, they were runners-up, highlighting their political relevance in each state.

Their sustained leadership all-round suggests their keen interest to actually dominate in the nation's affairs till further notice. Though mentioned sometimes, unity government(with other political partities) is just a mirage. The top elected and appointed positions have a way of going to their party's faithfuls, others are forced to manage crumbs. It is no gainsaying that PDP is actually driving the ship of this nation, just as they wish, with little or no influence from others parties. Permit me to say that such monopoly of government in a mixed nation like ours is an enemy of our democracy, owing to the fact that they (PDP) dictate what happens, even when other pressing needs call for attention.

As the largest political party in Africa, PDP has determined to retain their dominance anyhow. Though our electoral process is tardily improving, PDP has allegedly been at the centre of electoral malpractices with which they have received and retained political offices. Despite the fact that we have been forced to accept and manage a slightly 'improved' elections as against a standard one seen in even neighbouring nations, PDP has greatly hijacked and utilized the so-callled flaws in our elections. The more we looked the less we saw. In fact, the leadership of PDP in professional electoral malpractices sustains their dominance in the nation's polity, just like Spain's Barcelona in European football.

Our judiciary has not helped matters. Justice is sacrificed on the platter of sentiments and bags of money. Even when it is clear to a blind man, 'justice' is sold to the highest bidder. Where went the purported integrity of our judiciary? Even after losing at the polls, PDP uses our bribed and biased judiciary for a controversial comeback. Some of our PDP leaders publicly show their preference for court cases provided they remain in the helm of affairs, knowing their ability to manipulate things.

Carpet-crossing has also been the bane of our democracy. The unrestricted deflection of selfish politicians to and from our political parties has boosted PDP's dominance. In a nation where a good and coordinated opposition is needed, carpet-crossing only becomes inimical to our democratic progress. Somehow, we need an impressive balance in our parties following a massive exodus of influential politicians from PDP for opposition parties and not the other way round.

The number of our political parties should also be reduced.

When our judiciary begins to work, electoral reforms in place, electoral malpractises curbed and carpet-crossing abandoned, PDP will be forced to be up and doing even if they continue their dominance.

Unarguably, the presidency is not meant for any particular party, not even the PDP,but for seasoned men of intimidating track record,who may contest on the platform of any political party.Whether PDP rules for hundred years or not, our concern is a steady progress made possible through the election of slaves.

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