What is it  with Nigerian football? Why do we have so much controversy when it comes to football in this country?  Are there no other sports in Nigeria? Since the era of democracy in this country, our football has moved from one controversy to the other. We have even been banned for a few days when Government tried to interfere with football? There are also many litigation in court concerning football.

The sponsorship deal even ended up being a court case until one of the parties decided to withdraw the case. There is also the case of NFF appointing Ibrahim Galadima to contest the CAF seat that was formally occupied by Doctor Amos Adamu before he was indicted and suspended for three years by the world governing body only for the same NFF to do a U Turn because Adamu filed an appeal. What a shame. What happens if FIFA decides to hear the case after the CAF elections, What happens to Doctor Adamu's seat?

The NPL elections came and went peacefully but the New NFF decided that the recommendation by a panel set up by the former NFF to look into the election is right in annulling the election of the position of chairman of the board and decided to suspend the chairman of the board of the NPL and handed over the reins of the NPL to the the Assistant Chairman. The case ended up in court again. The NFF chairman then went on to say that the signed contract between the NPL and its sponsor (MTN) is null and void because the the people who signed the contract where no more in office and this generated more controversy. Is it the board that was sacked or the chairman of the board? Does he have the powers to unilaterally sack the board of the NPL?

Yesterday, 19th January 2010, The entire election into the NFF was annulled by a Federal Court sitting in Lagos and 19 officials of the NFF were ordered to appear before the Judge Justice Okon Abang for contempt. Now that the court has annulled the NFF elections, does it mean that every decision taken by the NFF during its life is illegal since they were an "illegal" board? I bet another court case is in the making?

FIFA will soon start spitting fire again and we all know what will happen if we don't stop all these court cases. Nigeria will be banned and that will be the final nail on our football. I heard the chairman will be going to FIFA on the 3rd of February 2010 to ask FIFA to bring more projects to Nigeria. As who will be going? With a contempt charge hanging on his head this will amount to disobeying a valid court order which will eventually end up with him being remanded in custody or the Judge sending him to jail.

What is it with football that brings so much controversy? Is it the popularity or is it because of the amount of money involved in football? Are the people really interested in moving the football forward or are they more interested in serving self. How do we sanitize our football? I am at pains about our football because the only thing that have trailed our football so far is controversy. God will only help us if we in turn help ourself by doing the part he expects of us but as it looks we are not doing anything to help ourself so we should leave God alone.

My conclusion is that until people who are truly sincere in moving our football forward are in the right position and we stop playing sectional politics with our football, controversy will continue to trail our football.



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