Nigeria Trevo Youngest Student Millionaire

Meet the 24 years old, Nigerian under graduate from the University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt. His name is Thombra. He uses the same brand / model of car as his Vice Chancellor (VC). So, the Vice Chancellor knows him because it is only the two of them that use the same brand / model of car on his campus. The major difference is that while the car the Vice Chancellor uses is owned, maintained and fueled by the University, the car that He drives is owned, maintained and fueled by him. He pays the bills because he owns the car 100%. Should the Vice Chancellor leave the job, he would also have to drop the car but the reverse is the case for him.

At 24 years, makes over 10,000 US Dollar every month. He became this rich because about 18 months ago, he got an opportunity to join an American company that launched in Nigeria, and worked with them on part time.

The good news is that the same opportunity has just launched in Africa and greatness is beckoning on many would - be millionaires like Thombra here in Nigeria, but the question is – Are you ready to change your financial status ?

It is often said that when opportunity meets preparation, a miracle happens. This could just be the miracle you have been looking for – if you are prepared to change you financial story.

All interested in working with the American Company that just launched in Nigeria and fast opening globally and in Most Africa countries.

If You Love Leadership, Self-Growth, How to get Trevo and Want to Create an EVER Increasing Amount of Prosperity in Life, Andy Ochumba (Trevo Director - Life, Wealth and Health Coach) is waiting to help you get started

Andy Ochumba

Phone: 234-8020394888 (whatsapp),  08100514610

Email - [email protected]


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