Endowed with numerous natural resources not excluding abilities of different kinds.

Endowed body without head!

Things done in joy and sorrow,

Mission towards attaining vision equal zero.

Dying in silence yet trying to cover it up with expensive smile.

Thriving into politics-like business; with the sole aim of making profit,

With the ambition of developing themselves.

Diggers and not leaders,

Farmers of corruption; harvester of Militant, Bokoharam and what have you.

Crude oil, Cash crops, Education; rest in peace.

Throwing us into the lagoon of dilemma,

To go forward not easy,

Going backward really forbidden.

Chop make I chop.

Camouflaging themselves with in dependency; forgetting the attributes of an independent nation.

Making themselves novice of their father land,

Speaking deceit with their mother tongue.

Making themselves regret her independent

thus, radiating doubt of development amid her citizen.

Assembling themselves in cage for business.

Importers of processed ideas,

Great marketer of another man’s product.

Kudos to private sectors, Why?

Dead government holdings.

Major factor to individuals’ problem.

Bird of same feather flocks together,

Rich; friend to the rich,

excluding poor from her dictionary.

The Baba Ijo of “Hot Ice” International Church,

Iya Adeen of Honey well Mosque,

Founder of Operation Plant Corruption.

Employers of parasite; thus feeding on citizens’ effort,

Architect Bada, Minister of Finance

Inspector Eze, Minister of Agriculture

Captain Musa, Minister of Education.

Ah! Sleeping on duty,

Resultant effect; confusion,

Deteriorated educational system; leading to dilution of students’ skill.

Even food insecurity amid farmers, radiating among consumers.

Coating themselves with both local and exotic manifestos;

Yet thousands had no shoe.

Millions, no job

Insecurity increasing at an alarming rate.

Farmers of SEVEN crops, harvester of none.

What a lazy somebody!

God bless Nigeria

I say! You say!! We say!!!


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