“Anytime an intellectual has the opportunity to speak against injustice if he decides to keep quiet, he is contributing to the intellectual paralysis and social barrenness of that society”….Harold Laski (British Political Scientist)  

Nigeria’s democracy is orphaned at birth leaving it bereft of its enlightened guidance, those who fought assiduously for the entrenchment of this Nation thought they were doing us good,unknown to them that Nigeria is the worst thing that ever happened to us.
Today,there's an uprising in Jos,Sokoto and most likely Katsina,reasons,because of the crisis going on presently in Libya and other Western countries because of the Video footage which cause the death of the US Ambassador to Libya.
And yet,our President is there sharing Gold medals and National honours to the same leaders who are not allowing peace to reign,who are impoverishing us,this people are the ones clamouring for state police to maim and kill us.
80% of our leaders today have stolen our funds for the betterment of their 6th generations yet unborn.
Today,myself and my dad had to queue @ fuel station for almost 8hours to buy fuel at N165per litre,
What a Nation!

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