Nigeria Shadow Cabinet Declares President Incapacitated

At Last the inaugural session of the Nigerian Shadow cabinet held in New York with about hundred prominent Nigerian representatives
in attendance. Several deliberations and decisions of vital
importance were reached on cubing corruption,on ending the present
constitutional impasse and on the way forward for Nigeria.In a
matter of hours the Nigerian problem was solved by participants
some of whom were university professors. It was piloted by
Professor Okey Ndibe as Speaker,Laolu Akande as deputy speaker,
Prof Aluko ,Omoyole Sowore,Bunmi Aborishade, amongst others., While
Sowore moved a motion that the President be declared
incapacitated,and was adopted;Aborishade wanted Iwu sacked from the
Independent Electoral Commission and it was also voted for
unanimously.However, motion for the impeachment of the President
was dropped. Committees were to be set up to implement decisions of
the parliament. You can feel the freedom and there is nothing
Nigeria cannot accomplish now.For those sceptics,the deliberations
of this parliament is law and can be implemented by committees.
These committees will raise their funding from any where and will
appoint officers and set targets.It will have annual budgets and
appropriation bills with oversight functions.It will involve
lobbying and pressure from those affected in Nigeria and cases can
be referred to international courts and even national police.It
will build institutions and will offer Nigerians more jobs than the
Abuja Assembly.No one should be excluded no matter how un
progressive his ideas are. We must set examples inclusiveness of
all shades of opinions even saboteurs have right,but we need to
stay ahead on the move to be always victorious.No one needs fear
persecution. History is being made here and people should be proud
to be counted in this movement.Disclose names of speakers and
representatives.What you are doing will soon be the in thing
everyone in Nigeria will soon join you in debates but you must make
personal sacrifice by showing the world you stand with what you
believe in.This is why the Nigerian revolution must be transparent
and just in its process to awaken the support of all Nigerians and
the world.anything less will make this effort sectional thereby
reducing its credibility. Soon other countries will copy your

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