Nigerians are gradually missing the importance of a particular arm of governance which usually speaks for the people been governed and or propel the people's needs by allocating resources into various facet of the economy.

This part of the government helps to bring to the fore the yearnings of both the majority and the minority as they have nominees who understands their peculiarity and are well defended with articulated reasons such that they are also considered as stakeholders of the entity in which they find themselves.

This arm of the government is the Legislature; Nigerians no longer pay attention to the very essence of this section except when there are issues that involves certain excesses and there will be hullabaloo of either to crucify them or stone then to death. I think Nigerians should looking into why this arm of the government keeps disappointing the populace and nip it on the board. There is this drive in Nigerians of wanting to lead at the least opportunity which seems to be fantastic, but the question is, at what point do we think our leadership will be beneficiary to the poor and down trodden which has been the bane of various mass movement in Nigeria ?

Drawing from the holy bible, some people are prophets, Teachers, Evangelist, pastors etc, so are we in Nigeria. Everybody cannot be president of Federal Republic of Nigeria. Some will do better in the legislative arm others in the Judiciary while some may perform better in the Executive.

My focus precisely on this discussion is on realizing the strength of legislature and how it can be used to move this country to our various desire's height. There are some many activists in Nigeria flowing from the North to the South and from the West to the East but none of them has realized the importance of taking the suffering of the populace to the legislative house. That is the place where bills could be passed that will enable the masses actualize their dream of living in a Nigeria of hope, peaceful co-existence, that is secured and have dignity of satisfaction.

I wonder what some of these activist want to achieve by wanting to become president because tackling corruption is deeply with legislature and is by enacting laws; Like WAI- War Against Indiscipline which culminated into Environmental Sanitation that we are still leaving with today. People adhere to it and the value from it is very obvious

I think public activist can better serve the Nigerian populace in the legislature as they can prune over blotted budgets and perform better effective oversight functions and  high government overhead expenditures will be drastically reduced and a people oriented budget will be established.

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