Nigeria Judiciary Has Fail Its Responsibility in Administering Justice.

The Nigeria Judiciary Has Failed Its Responsibility In Administering Justice
By Comrade Chukwu Ogbu For Family Writer.

The Judiciary Is In Charge Of The Dispensation Of Justice In Any Country.This Responsibility Is Very Important To The sustenance of civility.without an impartial and independent judiciary,a county cannot exist.for justice john tsoho of the federal high court and the executives which comprises of muhammadu buhari and the DSS to trample upon the right of nnamdi kanu means that nigeria and her judicial system has become the Hobbesian state of nature where might was fundamentaly right.
the judiciary which is often regarded as the hope of the common man and the last resort for anyone is now controled by few wealthy and powerful people.this group of oligarchy determines who get bail,who faces trials and who is tobe imprisoned or get death sentence.the protection of the rights of the citizens can no longer be granted because nigeria umpire-the courts has now been biased.
one will be wondering how? the reason is simply put;when a tyrant become a president,the country become an anarchy state.
it is shameful that a country which is almost at a point of attaining her economic,political and democratic stage wil be turned into a lawlesness state where the judge receives order from the president and his cronies.
The fundamental human right of citizen nnamdi kanu the leader of indegeneous people of biafra and director of radiobiafra and television who has illegaly been detain by muhammadu buhari and the dss can no longer be safeguarded by nigeria courts.
In a democratic nation unlike nigeria,the court is duty bound to provide advice for government on complicated legal is the duty of the court to advice buhari that the path he is trending with nnamdi kanu is a very dangerous and precarious one which may endanger the country into another second civil war if anything awful should happen to him.the patience of the people are runing out,and its wise if justice should be administer to nnamdi kanu without further delay.

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