Nigeria Current Affairs Questions & Answers For Interviews/Exams.

Welcome! I am sure you know that Current affairs and general knowledge are two important sections of competitive exams in Nigeria.

Candidates are usually tested based on their knowledge of relevant history as well as popular current events in the world.

This package is the solution to your craving for more knowledge regarding Nigeria and the world at large. I have prepared a bundle of various current affairs information as lessons in this course. I have also associated a question bank to each lesson to test your retention of this information.

Then you can sit for a final quiz to grade your overall performance.

This package supersedes any book or handout since it helps you to remember and grade your performance on a consistent basis. You also have all you need in one place.(Amazing!)

What to expect:

  1. Past history of Nigeria
  2. Significant dates in Nigeria
  3. Relevant sports facts 
  4. Present government cabinet
  5. Relevant world facts
  6. 500 current affairs questions and answers (exam style)
  7. Important information about Nigeria
  8. Continuous update of this bundle
  9. 4 different Current affairs quiz after each lesson
  10. And lots more

The access fee of $1.99 (about N600 only) grants you continual access to this information and question bank for the next 30 days after which you have to renew your licesnse.

Note: Click the “Expand all” link above the lesson container to see the full list of topics within each lesson.

You Can Also Click the sample lesson & quiz to get a taste of this package.

Click Here To Learn More.

Course Materials

  • A Computer Or Mobile device
  • Internet Connection
  • A Willing Heart

Wishing you success in your forthcoming exams. Thank you.

Click here to purchase your access to the material.

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