Over the the last couple of days and weeks, we've been inundated with tales of bribery, Lawangate & Otedolagate, setups, Boko Haram & bombings etc etc. Well, nothing generally surprises me let alone happenings in my dear Nigeria. First and foremost, I am forced here to repeat again that the geographical entity called NIGERIA was designed by our colonial masters, Britain to FAIL.

That the country is still intact is probably a mystery to the BRITISH, historians/recorders of the adventures of the Europeans into Africa and most Nigerians. I am of the opinion that Nigeria will only WORK if it is restructured. It will only WORK if true Federalism is adopted, practiced and implemented to the letters. Furthermore, the presidential system of government is too expensive for a nation like Nigeria. We do not have the institutions, discipline, checks and balances to make it work.

Viewed against this background, we should either configure or conjure a system that will work for us or go back to the parliamentary system based on regional settings. Nigerian political elites must and should come together across board- South, North, West and East to decide how we should live together in peace. Regrettably, I have this feeling and hunch it would not happen. That in essence means, we might be heading for more trouble and political instability. The North feels it is their birthright to govern. The East now want a piece of the action. The South feels the same and the West are not left out.

Unfortunately, the nation has not been blessed with genuine, quality and honest leaders since our so-called independence. That brings us to the issue of corruption. Corruption walks on all fours in Nigeria. Nigerians are conversant with the fact that virtually all arms of government are tainted. That the chairman of a house committee was bribed and compromised in the discharge of a legitimate duty is no surprise. What is worrying to some people is the individual involved. Some had thought Lawan Farouk was a trail blazer-the incorruptible one, the voice of integrity in the House. That could probably be history now. Who else will Nigerian youths look up to ?

As for Femi Otedola, what will be his fate? There are so many unanswered questions regarding his role and culpability. Was he used to burst a corrupt cabal ? If so, what made him play that role? As one of those involved in the fuel scams and deals, why and how was he brought in ? What have been the role and involvement of the presidency in all this saga ? In a normal setup the security agencies should be working on Otedola and his cohorts by now.

Unfortunately for us Nigerians, that would not happen. Femi Otedola is said to be one of the biggest financiers of the PDP, the ruling party. But the bottom line is that we must not let the report of the fuel subsidy gather dust, die a natural death or be swept under the carpet like many others we've had in the past. We must all voice our concerns and if possible be ready to occupy the streets and cities again.

Finally, Boko Haram is simply a political tool in the hands of some Northerners who never wanted Pres Jonathan in Aso Rock. Remember there were vows to make Nigeria ungovernable if he became president. That's what is playing out. To think otherwise is living in a fools paradise. I have never been and will not be a fan or admirer of Pres Jonathan, but it is my prayer he is allowed to rule a peaceful Nigeria for the duration of his presidency so that he could be correctly judged at the end of his tenure.

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