Nigeria: Celebrating Misery In the Midst Of Abundance

Nigeria: Celebrating Misery in the Midst of Abundance
Celebration time is always a time to reflect on the accumulation of events that calls for one to celebrate. It is usually a time for reflections, thanks giving, and objective analysis of events to identify what works and areas to abandon or of improvements. We have all had occasions to celebrate one event or the others since we began our sojourn on this earth. To many, the act of celebration has become a symbolism of one’s social class or status. This symbolism is responsible for the magnitude and scopes of celebrations as we have come to know it.
I have had opportunities in the past to celebrate one milestone or the other in my life; and I have equally let go of many, due to my conclusion that there were nothing to celebrate. In essence celebration is the sole prerogatives of the celebrant based on the position he or she finds him or herself at that auspicious time. To any rationale being, an act of celebration is most profound in an atmosphere of satisfactory accomplishments. In most cases, as a class of h***-sapiens, we do express our spirituality in giving thanks irrespective of our conditions. The expression of spiritualism in offering thanks is often low keyed and done in solemnity rather than on grand ostentatious scale.
Countries and organizations do often celebrate certain milestones and accomplishments since their founding’s. Celebrations in this aspect has an aura of symbolism as well; however, countries act of celebration is more grounded in political victory of celebrating independence from a colonialist, or foreign power. During this occasion, stock taken seems to be the norm, and the understanding that more could be done to make the country move toward more cordial, conducive and perfect union.
Many Nigerians both at home and in the Diaspora have been rubbing minds on the significance of the 50th anniversary of Nigeria nationhood. The question that popped up on all occasions has always been centered on the relevance of blow out celebration being planned by the federal government to commemorate the day. While many Nigerians argued the imperative of celebrating it big because of its significance, I happen to be in the column of those that would like to predicate any celebration on observation, and analysis of concrete achievements; that have immensely contributed to human, and socio-economic developments in the country. As far as many thought it is worthwhile to, at least be thankful for the country’s survival up till this time. While the rationale for such thanks giving is shrouded in spiritual symbolism, objective analysis of events that predate this day would seriously indict the country leadership, and its citizens; for complete failure in all aspects of developmental endeavors , due to apparent abdications of citizenship responsibilities on the part of the citizens, and the leadership apathy to development of strong political institutions, human and resources developments, socio-economic developments and failure to build cadres of credible leaders and robust and effective and efficient civil service.
As a believer in the existence of omnipotent and omniscient God, I’m a times at loss why the current status quo is allowed to perpetuate itself in Nigeria. I’m of the belief that; may be, disintegrated Nigeria, and emerging homogenous countries would have been a blessings for the nationalities that have been under the heavy yoke of the self imposed leaders that, have continuously make life unbearable for many hapless people trapped under this failed experiment. I tried very hard to see the justification to celebrate Nigeria at 50 but could not in all honesty arrive at such conclusion. I very much want to pin-point to something that excites me about Nigeria, Alas; I could not because there is none. Many would be quick to point to some cosmetic and phantom gains under the current democratic dispensation. I will
Not buy any of that because; I will not be part of the crowd that have continuously y lowered the bar of possibilities for Nigeria. I quite know our capabilities, and I know we can do extremely better than what we are doing now if; the right leadership is enthroned that will lead in truth, with honesty of purpose; and integrity.
The major issue militating against Nigeria’s greatness is due to the fact that the vagabonds have hijacked its leadership, and have established a ruling class with characteristics of most heinous vices one can ever imagined. This leadership is despotic in nature, gluttonous, infected with greed and avarice, morally corrupt and bankrupt of any progressive ideas, and above all , lacks the intellectual acumen to analyze and proffer solutions to Nigeria‘s problems. The entire environment is very chaotic.
Nigerians themselves are very apathetic in nature and orientation. Completely clueless of their civic responsibilities, shirks and abdicated their responsibilities with impunity. This is a citizenry that revels in idiocy, always contents with the crumbs that fall from their oppressors’ tables, and have completely resigned itself to fate created for itself. Instead of taking the bull by the horn, and demand better life’s for themselves, they continue to call on God to help them from the problem not created by God; in which God has given them the will and power to solve, if and only they are willing to do the right thing for themselves and the generations yet unborn.
Many Nigerians in position of leadership do not have the interest of the country at heart. They daily strategize on how to fool the citizens, and they daily kill the country through actions that are due to acts of omissions or commissions. The legislative and judiciary arms are in need of men and women of integrity that can legislate with integrity; and adjudicate with fairness and impartially. Nigeria is in need of citizenry that is uprights with full understanding of his or her responsibilities within a democratic setting. A citizenry with full understanding of its oversights powers; that can makes its elected and appointed officials accountable to the people. A citizenry that reverses the abnormality currently existing in the country, which makes the elected; and appointed officials the masters or bosses of the electorates that gives them the opportunity to serve while the citizenry are servants, is urgently desirable to correct this identified anomaly
Nigeria is a country where the aberrations are the norms. It is a country that has refused to grow despite all opportunities at her disposal; it is also the country where the citizens seem to be fine with the situation of things. It is a country where the citizens know the people responsible for their destitute conditions; but refuses to take steps to redress the situation; but chose to shield them because all of them are their relatives, kiths and kinsmen. Nigerians are people that have given up on the possibilities of better lives; they are the group of people that believes in appealing to the sensibilities of their oppressors to change for the better; thinking mere doing so would lead to change of minds, and ultimately improved and more conducive socio-economic environment in the society. What they do not know is that you cannot wrest power from the holder through persuasion. It is either you are in the equal footing with him, or you wrest it through the means of force. Force in itself is relative.
Let’s Nigerian down trodden masses celebrate another year of servitude. The real celebrants on October 1st are the people that have succeeded in making life a living hell for the hapless citizens of Nigeria. To those that have found the secret of perpetual dominance, more grease to their elbows and they deserve to pop up champagne to celebrate their victory. For me, there is nothing to celebrate because of palpable misery and wants in the midst of abundance.
Written By:
Adewale Dosunmu, FLMI
Allentown, PA

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