Unity generally enjoys conducive atmosphere in a homogeneous society and it usually suffers in an heterogeneous society such as Nigeria. This is due to inherent popularization of heterogeneous community along ideological, religious and tribal lines. This, in turn, causes instability or unhealthy competition rather than co-operation, as one tribal group tries to gain ascendancy over the other through fair, legal or foul means. This, invariably, creates suspicion in the minds of the remaining groups. An example of this Biafra, this set of people feel they have been marginalized therefore, there is a need to react, fight and have a country of their own. Such ugly situation (tribalism) encourages external forces or greedy super-powers to play on factors that separate members of such country to destabilize and weaken them and thereafter siphon or divert the country’s resources.
                Nigeria, as a country, obtained political independence in 1960 from the British imperialists. The over sixty (60) various tribal communities from different cultural backgrounds were amalgamated and brought together under the same federal Nigerian Government. The colonialists ensured that a Federal system of government had been established which must be accepted willy-nilly by Nigerians before independence was granted. This, they did, to make Nigeria and other independent countries remain perpetually under the powerful European countries commercially and economically rather than politically.
                For the sake of clarity, “A federation is a group of states united with one central government which decides foreign affairs, defence and so on but in which each state can have its own government to decide its own affairs based on its own cultural values.” This shows that a federated country such as Nigeria should embrace the motto: “UNITY AMIDST DIVERSITY
                Unity amidst diversity cannot be effective without prerequisite ingredients such as justice, fair play, honesty, tolerance and peace. No one can imagine peace and unity to where there is injustice and lack of trust. A community with many dishonest people can neither co-operate together nor remain united to improve their lives as no one is ready to trust the other. We therefore need to have the resolve to pursue justice, honesty, tolerance and peace with a view to enthroning unity in the midst of diversity.
However, then, there are distractions here and there. The operators of democracy in Nigeria are not sincere enough to themselves let alone God and to the citizenry as some of these so called leaders are used to destabilize Nigerian Government in favour of some selfish god-fathers, greedy politicians and the British colonialism. This act is usually done for their selfish end to promote interest of their god-fathers and the Europeans in order to remain in power. Some developed or powerful countries in the world are constantly operating behind the scene to ensure Nigeria is not stable and that it continues to remain under the British Economic dominance. The menace of Boko Haram, Niger Delta Avengers and other insecurity challenges are birth by some selfish leaders in which some foreign countries are secretly financing them to make sure Nigeria is stable. I have read some publications saying Nigeria was  given the independence with a view to living together for some years then when the time elapses then the chain of integration would break.
                Nigeria as a country had witnessed successive military and civilian regimes characterized by discontinuity of some laudable policies and projects. A retrospective review revealed that there have not been enough achievements. Nigeria government or democracy is known with this ugly situation called discontinuity which has made this blessed country to suffer a lot. When a new government comes into power, it disregards and jettisons the projects of the previous administration without any review of the projects. The discontinuing has brought Nigeria to set back, lost and wasted our money and resources on such projects. For example, the 7-point agenda of the Late President Umar Musa Yar’adua could be regarded as a mere lip-service. The 7-point agenda s promised could not accomplished in his lifetime. Following his demise, former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan did not even a dime light of commitment towards implementation of the said 7-point Agenda. The discontinuity or change in administration has done more harm than good to Nigerians. It is good to have a change in government but it is pertinent to see that current project left by the predecessor should be continued since it would be benefit the citizens but the case is not. The unwillingness of each succeeding regime to continue the programmes of the preceding administration shows our leaders are not being carried along or are not co-operative with the man at the top. The current administration of President Muhammad Buhari is yet nothing to be talked about because it is really a hard time for Nigerians. The standard of living has fallen, the economy is drowning, unemployment rate is increasing geometrically, the price of necessity goods and foods are inflating day in day out. Day in day out, the 4 years tenure of Buhari is reducing in number and yet he has not found the rythme to make Nigerians happy. Though, we have to be patient and endure though a beautiful and flourishing Nigeria cannot be built overnight but it is hightime this administration shows the dime of light to the change promised so that Nigerians can have in trust in them.
Coming down to the state and local government levels, the emergence of different political parties after 4 years has resulted into this because this current party in power will disregard and abandon the projects and programmes of the previous administration because they differ in political views or party. My question is, is it not the same state or country are we developing? At the end of the day, the said current political party in power whom abandoned the projects will not be able accomplished anything and worse enough, another political party will come on board and also abandon its programme. This is how the trend goes on but with this will Nigerians ever enjoys the sweetness of democracy? Such attitude leads to stagnation. An adage says: “There is nothing good in stagnation except moral degeneration, retrogression and finally extinction.”

Therefore, it is very important for our leaders to think that in order to avoid stagnation or extinction and to remain united, strong, formidable, self-reliant and progressive there must be serious clarion call for peace, tolerance and unityamidst diversity. The victory of an army lies not in the large number of its soldiers but on their unity and resolve to win. “A house that is divided against itself cannot stand” says an adage.

 To my dearest Nigerians, I will enjoin you to be patient and have the belief tihat Nigeria will soon be better. As a citizen you have your part to play, shun bribery, malpractices, laziness and never sell yourself to any politician for a dime. Raining curse on the leaders is the not the way out, prayer and perseverance is the solution to Nigeria's problems. Though, many Nigerians feel since nothing is going rightly there is no cause for celebration. It is good to agigate becuase it is crystal clear that many are sufferings. My people, feel happy and have hope that Nigeria will flourish it is a matter of time. Sincerely speaking, if Nigeria must be great then we have to shunTribalism, Corruption, Favouritism,Ethnicity and Religion Biogotry.

 The potentials are available and the resources are available but what else Nigeria needs? God bless Nigeria

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