At 51 it seems we have not started.  The future looks gloomy.  There is a state of hopeless stirring us in the face.  Where do we go from here is the question on the lips of everyone.  But in our state of hopelessness, I want us to see hope.  Hope for us and for our children.  We should not regret being Nigerians, rather we should all join hands to build a better Nigeria.   Ours is a country richly blessed by the Almighty but over the years, our God given resources have gone down the drain due largely to many years of misrule and directionless leadership.  But I see light at the end of the turnel.  Nigeria will certainly become great and be the land of our dreams, the land of inexhaustible opportunities and a land of great people.  The journey of one thousand kilos is fifty percent completed with the first step rightly taken.  The present distractions: MEND, BOKO HARAM and others will all be overcome.  Let us support our president and pray for those in authority.  God will surely lift Nigeria beyond our imaginations.  Long live Nigeria.

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