40 Billion naira for the printing of new N5000 notes:
Just last week the fmr Vice President of World Bank Oby Ezekweseli said the money looted by Nigerians from the Oil sector since 1960 is about 400Biliion US Dollars.
I am waiting for a government that will think beyond now and beyond themselves. Nigeria is a wasteful country. We think that the funds flowing today will flow forever. If a country like India can build one-foot iron and cement-based roads, it means they have put into consideration the impact of their population on their roads and the waste associated with what Nigerians often emphasize - maintenance culture, as if other cultures have not been doing the same thing. The economy draining road contracts are nothing but party- and self-funding contracts. I am yet to see a road built and lasting up to ten years beyond,

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