Diminishing returns the characteristic of any production system in which increases in variable inputs result in increasing reduction of total output. An indicator of when to stop making additional inputs to the system, when the input exceeds the additional output. .

They said that Nigerian Economy ShareThis GDP - real growth rate:
6.9% (2011 est.)
8.7% (2010 est.)
7% (2009 est.). But is this true? How is the economy affecting the citizen? A trip to the streets will give you the right answer(s) to these and other questions.
Number one success story of this country is that 'we are still answering NIGERIA'.
Since october first 1960 we celebrate independence, but what is happening now about that date. From my nursery school days the date 1st october is a colorful day, but now...LOW KEY... Next may be ...stakeholders meeting...indoor discussions...and so on till it finally diminishes. By then they will see her differences.
More are injected to run her affairs with low/no result.
The environment are not conducive for her citizens.
If Nigeria want to be existance (across a decade) her leader most change though thing has fall apart, am afraid say the next thing in my mind already you have heard it before.
My prayer is that the citizens of this nation will live let God be with us all. Jesus, You were the most amazing, humble, unique, non-swayed-by-opinion person ever. Ever. I want us to be You, but sometimes I just don't know how! Will You help me and the person reading this see You more clearly, first of all? And then will You show us how much You really love us? And THEN will You show us Your amazing King-ness? Come and rule our life and take control. Thank You Jesus. We are in awe of You. Amen.
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