Hey people! It’s been an exciting holiday for you guys I know it, and I sincerely hope my happy New Year greetings isn’t coming late? Anyways HAPPY NEW YEAR to y’all. I can imagine
that some of you are already preparing to go back to school while some are seriously
preparing for their forth coming examination. Wish you all good success which
you deserve and will earn by the grace of God.

Hmm! Am pretty sure you learnt some things from last months edition. Before the end of every year which is the 31st night, we get a sheet of paper, make a long list of
unachievable things that we want to start doing to improve our lives and we
till make a long list of all the things we want to flush out of our lives. We
call this long list NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS.

A few days back, I was hanging out with a friend who drinks a lot and he said to me that he has resolved to stop drinking in 2010 and I looked at him with so much astonishment in my eyes
because it’s something I know he can’t just stop. It wasn’t up to an hour he
made that decision, and he said to me again that the resolution was too tough
for him to abide. The only thing I could say to him was “start with something
more achievable and realistic”.

The question we need to ask ourselves sincerely from our heart of hearts now is how many of us really stop those things we always wanted to stop and go for those things we want to achieve?

What kind of New Year Resolution will you make for yourself this year? Within the few days in this January alone am very sure quite a number of you would have gone back to your vomit which should
not be the case. In other to avoid this, I’ll be introducing you to what I call
“SMART” model. Trust me, I use it and it has always worked for me.

S- Be specific in your resolutions. Describe them in specific terms; write specifically what you want to do no matter how small it may look. It could be that “you want to read 2 hours everyday which is a short term goal for
being the overall in your class" or "you want to cut down your
television watching." This is a specific goal.

M- Your resolution must be measurable. Make sure your resolutions are not so much so that it doesn’t overwhelm you and if it’s too much, you must work on them one at a time by starting with the easiest one.

A- Your resolution must be achievable. Break down large goals into smaller ones. For instance, you can commit to go through the subjects you learnt each day in other to achieve your long term goal of being the overall
best in your class.

R- Be realistic by setting achievable goals. Saying that you want to read 7hours at a stretch because you want to make the overall best in your class is not being realistic. Therefore, you must opt for something more
realistic and achievable.

T- Time bound. Think in general terms of that area in your life where you would like to see some improvements this year. Think of something you could do to make a change for the better and allocate a specific amount of time
to it.

Get your resolutions typed and printed neatly on a sheet of paper and place it in a noticeable place so that it can always stand as a reminder to you, so that the resolutions can be kept fresh
in your memory and you will always be at alert. Above all, it is very important
that you aim for things that are truly important to you, not what you think you
ought to do or what others expect of you, but things that will really make the
best out of you this year. Goodluck!

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