New Research Shows Occasional High Blood Pressure Requires Treatment

Variability in blood pressure appears to predict the risk of PhysioTru Review stroke more powerfully than high average or usual blood pressure (BP). Three papers published simultaneously in The Lancet, and another study in The Lancet Neurology, all support the idea that variability is the more powerful indicator.

These studies by Professor Peter Rothwell and colleagues at the University of Oxford have major implications for diagnosing, and treating high blood pressure to prevent heart disease and stroke.

Prior to these studies, it was believed that the underlying average BP determined most of the risk of complications from hypertension (raised blood pressure), and all of the benefit from the drugs that are used to lower BP.

Improved Direction in Medical Guidelines Means Better HealthcareIn these studies, Rothwell's team found that variability of BP between visits to clinics was a strong predictor of angina, heart failure, myocardial infarction, and stroke, independent of mean BP.

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