Ndigbo need strong front in Lagos—Nwanyichimereze

Front-line member of Igbo women group in Lagos, Ada Igbo Lagos, Mrs Nwanyichimereze Kate Onunwa, has charged the Igbo in Lagos state to form a common front to articulate their programmes and interface properly with the Lagos state government.

She said this was to help the Igbo in Lagos align their businesses and activities with the laws, principles and regulations of the state government and possibly help in giving the state a good governance
Onunwa called on the Igbo to come out enmasse to vote in Mr Ebere Ubani as President General of Igbo Community in
Lagos in an election taking place today.

According to her, the reason to entrust the leadership mantle on Ubani was his resolve to provide a common front for the Igbo in Lagos, his promise to build an Igbo Town Hall, look after the ageing Igbo nationals in Lagos and consolidate on the gains of the past administration to ensure that the Igbo remain relevant in the scheme of things in Lagos government.

She said “if a candidate who we all can confirm, is credible, has promised to take care of our numerous ageing fathers and mothers in Lagos, build us a town hall where we can deliberate on our affairs and provide allowance that can sustain the widows, just as Ubani has promised, I think we should support him to finish the good work his predecessors started”.

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Comment by Murtala Muhammad Bagana on September 4, 2010 at 2:02am
By the grace of God, Chief Ebere Ubani, Nwachinemere will come out of the Igbo election successfully. He deserves to be the next president considering his achievement and contributions to the Igbo community in Lagos especially in Surulere, Lagos.

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